Henry's new best friend

This is Pete, Henry's new best friend. There's a long story about how Pete came to be Henry's new best friend, but I'll save you the pain of reading the whole thing. Suffice it to say that there's no leash law in our county, and Pete lives about .5 miles from our house. He & Henry have met twice now, and love to run around together. But the funniest thing about this new relationship? Pete comes to me when I call him! Henry? Not so much. How do I know? Henry decided to go swimming in our stream when Pete was visiting. Henry went splashing all over, completely ignoring my calls. Pete came the first time I called him. Yup. The new dog did what he was told. Our dog didn't. Maybe Pete's presence will help teach Henry by example...or not.

The worst part of this new friendship is that when we decide it's time to back inside, Pete sits outside, waiting to be let in, or for Henry to come back. It's pitiful. I had to hide myself so he wouldn't see I was right inside the house. This is what he did when I went inside. He stayed that way for a good 10 minutes, then moved around to the other side of the house & hung out on the lawn for another 10 minutes or more. I think he headed towards home around dinner time. He's no dummy. And he's just so darned cute--I love him! I'm hoping we'll be able to continue this cute friendship without causing any grief for us or Pete's family. We're out of town this weekend, so Pete might come over & discover an empty house, and decide not to return. We'll see what happens next week.
Meanwhile, on the knitting front, I finished the Neverending Sweater!!!! I haven't had a chance to take a photo, but it's complete, including steeks and finishing, and blocking. Yahoo! It looks very nice, if I do say so myself. I also finished the skirt/wrap for my friend. Also no photo (it rained for almost a solid week...no good light). I'm 3/4 finished with a gift for my friend whose birthday was Thursday. And I'm working away on a secret gift for a friend.
I didn't take a photo at all, but I also made a simple, garter-stitch kitchen mat for my friend who just graduated with her master's degree--yahoo!!!
My parents visited last week, and while they were with us, Nerdy Mommy & I managed to sneak away for a lovely knitting visit with my friend, J, and another friend, C. Then, much to our surprise, our friend, E, who wasn't supposed to be available, showed up. We had a grand time knitting, chatting, and eating snacks from the Batesville Store's very own bakery department. Yummy!
Oh, and there's really big knitting news in the Nerdy Mommy household: Nerdy Mommy is going to knit a Hannah Falkenberg sweater for Mimi, the owner of the Needle Lady in Charlottesville! Nerdy Mommy's project is to knit "Ballerina" in "not a week, but not a year." I think she can do that. It's a lovely combination of sage green and charcoal/black. The pattern is basically all garter stitch, on size 2 or 3 needles. Yikes! That would take me close to a year, I think.
I've been on vacation for the past week--lots of knitting, lots of finishing, and lots of tv/couch time. Not so much blogging...too painful to do on dial-up internet. But now we're in New York State visiting friends who have a "normal" internet connection, so I'm trying to catch up.
I think that's all of the news at the moment. It's beautiful and sunny outside and we're in a lovely place with friends who have a brand-new baby boy. So cute! Henry loves to lick babies' faces, and Jake is no exception--Henry walked right up to his little seat & slurped him across the face. Jake is a trooper and didn't even seem to care. Pretty impressive.
But I think I hear the little guy moving around, so I'm going to go visit with him. I'll post more photos when I've got them.


I'm baaack...with photos!

So, it has been a long time since my last post. I couldn't possibly begin to remember everything I've done in the meantime, so you can make up your own stories of what I've been doing for three solid weeks. Make them exciting--my life could use some spice!

Last weekend, however, is recent enough to still be in the memory banks. What did I do? I went to Maryland for a lovely visit with our friends:

We also managed to have a grown-up dinner at a restaurant with cloth napkins (yeah for babysitters!). Then, Jenn & I went to Maryland Sheep & Wool. Great fun was had by all--the weather was lovely, the vendors had beautiful things, and we saw a boat-load of critters!

Here are a few highlights:

That last goat--the one looking right into the camera...guess what her name is...just guess...give up? JUDY! For those of you who only know me as the Nerdy Knitter, my "real" name is Judy. And now I've met my goat twin. She's so cute!

And here is my friend, Jenn, trying out spinning for her first time. I think she was a natural.

We also saw the coolest demonstration, but I didn't think to take any photos. I was floored by the complexity of the bobbin lace they were making at the SCA booth--amazing, I tell you!

I didn't buy much--something for Nerdy Mommy for Mother's Day; a kit for something for a friend's retirement gift; 1 pattern; 3 more bobbins for my spinning wheel; and a "kit" (the pattern was free w/the yarn) for a beautiful scarf/stole. I think that was it. Not bad, huh?

Now I'm back to reality and have to get the Nerdy House ready for the Nerdy Parents' visit! Anyone have any tips on cleaning up months and months of sneaky dog hair that hides everywhere? Wanna come to my house & demonstrate your method?

Speaking of the dog, here's a cutie-pie photo of our boy, taken this weekend:

He's such a happy boy!

I'll be happy very soon--I'm "this close" to finishing the Neverending Sweater! I'm on the 2nd iteration of the collar. Nerdy Hubby wanted it wider than I'd made it, so I frogged it (I'd done short rows, so had to frog back quite a bit), and have got about 10 rows left before I get to try it on him again. It's a modified crew/shawl collar. I hope it works. I kind of made it up...

This sweater is so big/heavy that I no longer lug it to work with me, so I've started a lunch-time project to keep me out of trouble. Well, it's kicking my butt, and I'm only on row 3! It's the cute little lace skirt/wrap from IK Spring 07. I think I'm going to have to start over (again) because I have an extra stitch somewhere. Grrr!

Nerdy Hubby will be out with a friend tonight, so I'm looking forward to some couch time with this blasted thing so I can figure it out. We'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, it's off to the art building to pick up my last assignments from Drawing II. School's out for summer, and I'm off weekends until August--yahoo!