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Hee hee--I finished my random wrap this morning, and Nerdy Hubby decided to wear it. Doesn't he look handsome sporting a pink/orange/purple fuzzy scarf/wrap?

It's from yarn I bought at the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival. It's from Kid Hollow Farm, and the variety is called "Aunt Sadie." It's 2 strands of yarn--one mohair, and one cotton boucle. I love it! I think the skein had 240-ish yards. I cast on 42 sts and used US19 needles.

The "pattern" (if you can call it that) is 6 rows of garter, then a row with double-wrapped stitches, then 6 (or 5?) rows of stockinette, then a row of double-wrapped stitches, etc. I did it so that any time I did a double-wrap row, it was a knit row, whether it was wrong- or right-side.

It's not super long, but I haven't blocked it yet. It's enough to be a big, fuzzy scarf, but not quite enough to be a real "wrap." That's fine with me--it looks nice, and will feel warm & cozy around my neck.

Now I have to get back to the blasted Swirl Shawl...boring...


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