What a great weekend!

Well, let's start with Friday: I got a new Curly Girl Haircut at Imago Salon (in Richmond). I've been trying and trying to encourage my curly locks for ages, and I think I've finallly found the right combination of cut and product to make me curly-curly-curly. I can't get photos to load from home (darn dial-up!), so you'll just have to trust me until I can post a photo.

So what else happened this weekend? Nerdy Hubby returned from a week away from home doing Nerdy Research (he's a Nerdy PhD student, after all), so peace returned to our Nerdy Home once we were all back together. The Beast is particularly glad Nerdy Hubby returned because he has constructed a fence for the Beast. The renegade beast escaped about 3 weeks ago and scared us to death--now we have a fence to contain his beastly self.

But wait--that's not all! I went to Staunton to celebrate Worldwide Knit In Public Day with the On the Lamb folks. They were great--they organized sponsors that included the local coffee shop. A free drink from the coffee shop for each person wearing a name tag?! Yummy! I had a lovely iced chai. Scrumptious!

Alas, I couldn't do the knitting I meant to do because I lost a needle somewhere between my car & the site. Grrr! So I picked up an old project and worked on it--I think it was meant to be, right?

Then yesterday Nerdy Hubby & I went to the Piney River walkway and walked about 3-4 miles. We saw butterflies, deer, cows, and all sorts of lovely flora. I took some photos which I'll post when I have a fast connection.

Meanwhile, I've finished the knitting on a project for Nephew2's 5th birthday...now I have to sew up a long, tedious seam and sew in some ends...by Friday!

Did that stop me from working on my Swirl Shawl at lunch? Of course not! Seaming is so boring. Sigh. But it WILL be done in time for the birthday, honest.

That's all I've got for the time being, so go play on my new favorite toy: Plurk (I can't hyperlink, so just go to plurk.com). Have fun--my username is nerdyknitter if you want to see what I've been doing over there.

Good night!


At 10:47 AM, Blogger TheBlackSheep said...

Nerdy Hubby can't be nearly that nerdy if he managed to construct a fence. Methinks he just lost his nerd status :P

Lost a needle? *shudders*

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Kathleen C. said...

Wasn't that WWKIP fun! Joe and Angel (and one other person I think?) did a great job setting that up!

Sorry to hear about your needle though... I know how annoying that is. I ended up casting on three different socks this weeeknd, because I would finish the ribbing and then lose the pattern!


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