Critters, critters everywhere!

We just returned from a trip to Philly to see my pal, Boop, and for Nerdy Hubby to present a paper at a Nerdy Conference. The conference was great--Nerdy Hubby's presentation was the best, of course--and our visit with Boop was fun, fun, fun. We stayed with Boop and her to kitties, Leila and Dempsey. Leila is a young thing with a lot of energy. Dempsey is a more mature gentleman who prefers lounging around the apartment. They're both sweet as can be, and we had a great time playing with them.

This is Leila:

This is Dempsey:

Oh, and this is our Beast--I took photos at our last play session, and this is one of the only good ones:

Whoops--where did he go?

My camera has that annoying delay after you press the shutter, and Beasty-Boy is too fast for my camera skills. But the photo cracks me up because it's so typical of his energy level. He's a fast one!

Oh, wait--were you expecting knitting content on this here knitting blog? I don't have any photos because I'm working on a contract project. The Everlasting/Neverending Sweater is on hold. But I'm very close to getting the 2nd sleeve up to the point where it connects to the body...almost there...

The contract sweater is done on US11s with thick yarn, so I'm moving right along on that project. The yarn is nice to use, but doesn't have much twist/ply, so it splits a bit if I don't watch what I'm doing.

So things on the blog might be a tad quiet because I don't have photos of anything I can share, and I'm knitting on 2x2 rib...

I wish I'd thought to take photos of Nerdy Hubby at his conference, but I didn't. You'll just have to imagine him cutting an impressive figure on the panel.


At 3:51 AM, Blogger TheBlackSheep said...

Leila looks so innocent. Why do I have the feeling she's not?

Can't you tell Beasty Boo to run in slow motion? You'd get much better pictures that way!

Critters are always a good substitute for knitting. :0)

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Kendra said...

I recently went to a basic class on digital photography and was told that the reason for the delay is that the camera has to focus first before it can take the picture.

Try pressing partway down on the button (don't you love my ability with technical terms?). With my camera, that sets the focus, then when I depress the button all the way there's not that lag in taking the picture.

Of course, you may already know this--if so, just ignore me. :-)

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous catspaw said...

I'm sure Nerdy Hubby cut an impressive figure. Let's plan on the four of us having a nerdy picnic dinner or lunch somewhere on the Parkway or Drive. Oh, how about Beaver Creek where we can play in boats?


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