This has to be quick...

...I'm sneaking this when I should be doing plenty of other productive things (knitting on a sample project, locating photos for a knitting-related article...those kinds of things).

But I'm posting to let everyone know about a new shop in Etsy: NH Knitting Mama. The blogger is having a contest to promote her shop. If you buy something from her, and tell her you learned about her shop from me, I could win a prize. I might win a prize just for posting the link here, so don't feel pressured to buy something just so little ol' me can win a prize.

But now, it's back to the knitting, knitting, knitting...I'm just more than halfway on the sample project...


At 4:46 PM, Blogger NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Nerdy! You don't actually have to buy something to be able to enter - just visit the shop and link on your blog wins you entries.

Thanks for the mention, though - I appreciate it!


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