Okay, so the prediction for today was 80% chance of wintery mix--snow, freezing rain, etc. I woke up and joked with Nerdy Hubby about the lack of precipitation then checked my email...school (I work at a college) is closed! Granted, there's a very thin layer of ice out there, but it's already over 35 degrees, so the chances of it getting any worse are pretty slim. Here's a look outside Nerdy Hubby's office window (note the complete absence of snow/rain/ice):

What does that mean for this nerdy knitter? No drawing class...you know, the class whose homework sits incomplete in my office? Yup, that class. So, two more days to get my homework done (I have class on Fridays, but because of my work schedule, do homework on the weekend only). Yahoo!

That also means a whole free day for knitting. Now I'm torn--I received a lovely package from my Mystery Theme Swap2 partner, Wendy, and would love to jump on the project she sent (more on that in a moment), but I'm also trying to gain some ground on the new-old project that is Nerdy Hubby's Elizabeth Zimmerman Hybrid Saddle Shoulder Sweater, v.2...rounds and rounds of stockinette, or a fun new (small) project with beautiful (new) yarn...such a touch decision. Out of loyalty to Nerdy Hubby I've been ignoring the siren song that is my new project. Sigh.

So what did I get from my swap pal? Well, the way it works is we each chose a secret theme for all of the items in the package--that's the "Mystery Theme" part, you see. Wendy chose a sheep theme for me. I love it! (I chose a bird theme for her since her Ravelry username is Birdee.) Part of the swap is that we send yarn/pattern for one complete project.

Here's what I got:

That pile of goodies includes: pattern for a felted tote with needle-felted sheep decorations; Louet yarn in a gorgeous deep-dark purple/blue color (name: Dragon); fleece for the needle felting; needles for the needle felting; sheep tape measure; sheep row counter; sheep stitch markers; sheep soap; sheep ornament; a cute little zippered bag for my accessories/notions; a little pouch of Eucalan wool wash; chocolate from Godiva (!!); Smarties candies; a notepad with a pen attached; teeny-tiny sticky notes for marking my patterns...and a lovely note from my pal, Wendy.

These are the stitch markers--I don't have anything there for scale, but they are teeny-tiny, and so much cuter because of their size. I love them! They come from an Etsy vendor named Hide and Sheep--how cute is that?

The chocolate might make it through the day today...maybe. It's so incredibly delicious--I love the folks at Godiva for thinking of this product!

And the little sheep's-head row counter? Totally cute, and unusual.

I'm having trouble with the yarn/project, though--the yarn is so beautiful, I'm not sure I can felt it. But I'll try...I'm sure it will still be beautiful when it's felted.

For the moment, though, I'm returning to the neverending sweater...I'm hoping to make some progress before it's time to start my sample projects (no yarn yet--grrr).

Happy no-snow day, everyone!


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