A tale of a poor pathetic poochie

Our boy went to the vet for an extraction yesterday. Poor guy--he cracked a tooth 3 weeks ago, and had to have the remaining root/tooth removed yesterday. First, he couldn't eat anything after 6pm Tuesday night. What an indignity! Then, he couldn't take any calming drugs for the car ride to the vet. Insufferable (for us, too, I might add). Then we had to wait 15 minutes or more for the vet tech to take him from us. Interminable for us--I was so sad for my boy.

Then, we were told he'd be ready in the afternoon. Well, at 4:00 he hadn't even had the procedure yet! That means my boy was sitting, nervous & hungry, for almost 8 hours. Sigh.

He came through the event without any major problems, although the drugs they gave him made him soooo dopey!

Here he is after he'd been home for 6+ hours:

Does he look pathetic, or what?

He was still pretty out of it this morning, but he managed to eat (including kibble and a crunchy cookie), and played for a split second, so I think he's on the mend. We miss our crazy, whacky boy--this pathetic pooch isn't our baby at all.

On the knitting front: my neck is basically better, although I have to stretch quite a bit, and take breaks (what a concept). So I'm back to Nerdy Hubby's sweater...I've done 14 rows of ribbing and am back to the rounds and rounds of stockinette for the body...done in a much larger size, thank you very much.

I'm waiting for the delivery of yarn to use for a sample knitting project which is due 3/18, and then there's another sample knitting project in the wings, with a due date of 3/21. Yikes! So Nerdy Hubby's sweater is going to take a backseat to those projects once the materials arrive. But it will be fun to work on someone else's project with someone else's pattern and yarn. I'm anxious to see what colors I get. But for now, I'm on olive green...lots and lots of olive green.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Carol said...

I remember when I had to take my Pagan kitty in for dental work. the poor thing had to have 6 teeth extracted cause she had cavities (despite the dental diet food we gave her) and a cracked tooth! No idea what she did it on either. She was stoned when she got home. Poor darling. Hope yours is on the mend!

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Bess said...

Oh poor baby. I hope he's back to his lively old self quickly.

He certainly is a pretty dog.

Oh - and that scamp of a girl - yes. she could be a devil. :D

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

poor puppy! I had a dog years ago who had to have surgery for tumor on his foot. When he got home he was the most pathetic thing I think I have ever seen. Lots of great photo ops :) He's lucky to hae such a good mamma to take care of him.

At 3:38 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Hope pooch is better soon, it looks so miserable. I hate when they have to have a procedure done at the vets.


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