So much to report, so little time!

Hmmm...what's new?

I have new yarn. Yup, the yarn diet has been over for a looong time, and I'm make use of my freedom. On the Lamb yarn shop had a sale a week ago, and my friend, J, and I went along, with J's friend, C. The sale was great, even though were there on the last day (Sunday). I couldn't help myself--I bought more than I'd meant to buy, but how could I help it when things were 30% off. I discovered a yarn brand I'd never seen (30% off!): Sublime. Boy, is it ever! I bought 2 different types, both in a beautiful watermelon/candy apple red. One is fuzzy, the other is not, but they are both sooooooooooo soft! I can't remember the fiber content right now, but suffice it to say that they're super-duper soft.

I also fell in love with Louisa Harding's Kimono Angora. Sigh. This is an example of the way marketing works on me--it was discounted; it was in pretty colors (variegated pinks/purples); it's super soft (angora--duh); AND the store had a swatch available for fondling (er, I mean touching). The swatch was so soft, I wanted to sneak it into my pocket. So, I got 2 balls of it, and plan to make something like a dainty scarf that will sit right next to my neck. Sigh.

I also found, in the $3/ball bin some lovely Cash Vero from Cascade in a bright blue. That has already been made into a shawlette from Clara Parkes's Book of Yarn. I didn't take a photo before I gave it away, so just imagine it being lovely. The pattern had a few typos that I found frustrating, but then again, I never went online to see if there were any error announcements.

So that was a week ago...meanwhile, I've been working and working on the Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater for Nerdy Hubby. Look--a blob of green knitting! The area with the seed stitches is the steek because this will someday be a cardigan. I'm using Knit Picks Telemark, a Peruvian wool, and US5 needles. I currently have 15.5" on the body, and about 10" on the sleeve. I had to redo the sleeve because the percentage given in the book was not quite right for Nerdy Hubby's wrist, so I had to undo it and add some more stitches to the ribbing. It fits just right now. Phew! The only other detail of interest is an area of 22 stitches running up each side "seam" that's 2x2 ribbing. I stole that from
Jarred's "Big Blue" (see 12/24 entry).

Better color, worse detail

But in the middle of that, our friends announced the birth of their son, Jake. Well--I had to stop and make something for the little guy (no, this is not just rationalization for taking a break from the endless knitting that is Nerdy Hubby's sweater!). What did I make? Well, I already had a bunny in the wings (so to speak), so I made these little things to add to the package:

Take two

They are from a free pattern by Saartje. Aren't they cuter than cute?! The color is a bit distorted--the two-color yarn is purple plied with blue. The two-color yarn is the same yarn I used for the blanket I made for the same baby. But back to the booties--I love them, and they were done in probably 4 hours, at the most. They are going to the post office tomorrow, with the hopes that Jake will have them on his feet by the middle of next week. If they're late getting to him, he might outgrow them before he has a chance to try them on. They're sooo teeny!

So, in the past week, I've gotten up to 15.5" of the body of a sweater, 10" (twice) on a sleeve, made a shawlette, and a pair of booties. See what having no homework in one's drawing class can do? We'll see what happens after the next class, when I assume we'll have some homework.

And on the home front, we have some pooch news: Henry has to have a tooth extracted! Yup--he cracked a two-root tooth in half, but the half that fell out didn't include any root, so both roots are still stuck in his jaw, along with half of the tooth. That needs to come out or we run the risk of infection. But the good news is, the vet says we don't have to stop Henry from chewing on his bone! We were concerned about that possibility because he loves his bone so much. The vet said Henry's teeth are gorgeous, actually, and that he wouldn't want us to do anything different. He figures it's just a one-time deal with this tooth. Phew!

So, the poor little guy goes "under the knife" (so to speak) in 3 weeks. He won't know what hit 'im!

Meanwhile, he's not in any pain--he's chewing/gnawing, eating, and playing like nothing's wrong. He's a strong critter, our boy!


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Kathleen C. said...

Oh yes indeed The shawlette is beautiful (imaginarily speaking)!
Uhm... not to encourage yarn diet breaking habits, but if you hadn't heard...Rocktown yarns in Harrisonburg is closing and Heidi's got the whole store on sale.
Most of it is 25% off, but there's 50 and 75% too.
Not to encourage, of course... ;^)

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Bess said...

whew - glad I'm nowhere near Harrisonburg. Darling booties - thanks for the link - and hugs to Henry.


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