Double the fun

Hi everyone--so, I had a "no-snow day" on Friday, which I used to do nothing productive, which is the point of a free day off...but then I fell down on the job of catching up with my homework...now I'm right back to where I was last week: need to finish homework before class meets on Friday at 1:20!

Why was I such a slacker, you ask? A good (although a tad rude, honestly) question. My excuse is this:

I was invited by a group of local knitters to a knitting meet-up. We went to Rapunzel's and had a lovely time knitting and chatting. We made friends with a couple out and about for a drive, with their little (kinda stinky--or at least Henry thought so when I came home covered in "foreign pooch" odor) pooch ambassador, and drank yummy teas and coffees. I worked on the Neverending green sweater for Nerdy Hubby, and managed to get up to about 7" or so. Yahoo! "Only" 13 more inches to go...

I've stolen a photo from Cindy who was quick to remember we'd forgotten to take a photo of the whole group:

Four of us carpooled in Cindy's car (which died later that same day, so boy were we lucky!). As luck would have it, all four of us were veeeery interested in going for YUMMY Thai food on the way home. The Thai restaurant is far removed from most of civilization, but does an amazing take-out business. The poor proprietor was a little overwhelmed by our orders when we arrived, and told us it would be 30 minutes for our food to be ready.

What does a group of knitters, who just happen to have their knitting bags with them, do when they have 30 minutes to wait? They sit and knit, of course. So not only did I get 1 knitting get-together, I got TWO--in one day, even! Not to mention the yummy Thai food. Sigh. The fresh spring rolls are so heavenly...I wish I had some right now...

So now, with my second knitting event and some very determined homework avoidance, I've got 11" of Neverending Sweater on the needles. Not so bad...

The yarn for the sample project which is due to be completed by 3/14 has yet to arrive. Yikes! There won't be much time for the Neverending Sweater once that arrives. I'm hoping it will arrive today. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. At least I know it's a bulky yarn (3-3.5 st/in on US10-10.5s), so it shouldn't be too difficult to make some progress quickly. We'll see--that might just be wishful thinking.

Oh--and before you move on to other blog reading today, take a look at the sweater I'm wearing in Cindy's photo. Isn't it lovely? My mommy made it for me. I made my hat, but the sweater is courtesy of my mother. Thanks, Mom!


At 6:01 AM, Blogger Bess said...

Wow. That is a gorgeous sweater! Lucky lucky girl. Nobody appreciates a knitted gift like another knitter. Your day sounds like bliss to me.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Well done to mum, sweater looks great


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