I'm free!

Today is a monumental day: my sample knitting task has been completed, and delivered to the designer. I am officially free to knit what I want, when I want. So what am I knitting, you ask? I doubt there's much suspense here...the Neverending Sweater rears its not-so-ugly head, just in time for warm weather to arrive. This is the second project I've made for Nerdy Hubby that was destined to be finished when it was no longer useful. The Rhapsody in Tweed sweater? Finished in August. Thick wooly turtleneck...not so useful in August. The Neverending Sweater? Fine-gauge wool cardigan. Not so useful in spring or summer. But I'm plugging away at it. I've got about 14" finished--I need to have 20" before the sleeves. Oh, but I also have to have sleeves to attach. Nothing yet...

Sadly, I still have significant drawing homework to attend to before tomorrow's class, so I won't be doing much knitting tomorrow--I have 4 solid hours during which I need to "finesse" two drawings...yikes! I'll let you know how that goes. . .


At 5:49 AM, Blogger TheBlackSheep said...

Isn’t August when you really should finish things like that? That way they will be new for the season and you can wear them all season. I always thought winter knitting should really be done by fall and not in the middle of winter when you’ll only be able to wear it for a week before putting it away. That’s my logic anyway.

At 5:08 AM, Blogger Bess said...

Wise words, theblacksheep.

Now tell us what you think about contract knitting - I've done it a time or two and never felt more frustrated. Something about that "got to do it" sensation just brought me down. I don't offer any more, though for a few people I could be talked into it.

Happy springtime knitting.


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