I'm not gone, just crazy

So work is crazy, which is no surprise since I work for a college, and school started last week. But boy, it's even crazier than normal--more students=more craziness at school.

Then there's real life, which is filling up with all sorts of fun things, including teaching 2 knitting classes this Fall, trying to design a pattern for my friend's upcoming knitting book, joining a flute quintet (yeeha!!), and taking a computer graphics class.

I know, I know--burning the candle at both ends. I just can't help it, honest.

I'll give more details of the pattern design once I have something to show. I'm really excited about it, but don't have a prototype ready yet.

If anyone has any suggestions for using hemp yarn, they would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, this is all I've got today--I have knitting to do!