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As you know, Nerdy Hubby & I went to his 20th high school reunion not too long ago. Well, we left our camera behind (by choice), and then regretted not having any photos. Someone sent this to me after the fact. Here we are--so grown up and mature. Nerdy Knitter, Nerdy Hubby, and a friend--20 years after graduation (well, for the boys...it's only 19 for me).

Me, Mark, & Greg

We had a nice time catching up with past friends & acquaintances. It's surprising how many people have barely changed, but then again--some people had change beyond recognition. Genes are amazing things.

And another really, really fun thing: I got my Mystery Theme Swap presents yesterday!

Yup, Geraldine, my swap partner, sent me an amazing package of things all the way from Ireland. I have photos of the stuff, but most of them are too dark to really showcase the good stuff I got. I'll showcase a few:

New additions to my stash
This is the yarn that came with the rest of my goodies. Some of it is cotton (the multi-colored Tivoli brand, and the red), while some of it is wool (the blue is merino(!!) and the Regia is superwash for socks). The colors are all great--the sock yarn is bright and silly (what? I'm not silly---stop smirking). The others are just right, too.

Geraldine included a pattern for a tea cozy (the theme of my gift was "tea," you see), and for a scarf.

But the gifts didn't stop there--no siree bob! I got a RED whistle with a sheet of practice music, tea towels with teapots & cute tea art on them, chocolates, treats for the Beast (he LOVES them), an adorable cloth with a paw print knit into it (here it is:)
notepads, bookmarks that are also calendars (how smart is that?), postcards of artwork held in the Irish Museum of Modern Art (I think I got the name right--I don't have the brochure with me), a sampler of teas from Revolution Teas (I love them!), tea biscuits (delicious dunked in tea...trust me, I know), and (phew--that's a lot) a special face mask with tea tree oil in it to make my face glow.

All of that came accompanied by a lovely note from Geraldine. I love it--I'm so glad we were paired for this swap!

Thank you Geraldine! I love it all!


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous catspaw said...

Crack me up - I just made that very same pawprint washcloth for my friend Tracey as a birthday present (with some lovely handmade soap and a couple of other things). It's a neat pattern.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Ger said...

So glad you liked your gifts. Apologies to DH for the whistle, but I'm sure you'll be able to play it well.

At 6:08 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Glad you liked your gifts, I thought the theme was quite novel.


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