I have to start by alerting you all to the fact that our science "experiment" has concluded. Why? Because we found out (thank you, J!) that those "tadpoles" were mosquitoes!!! EEEEEEKK! So the water has been dumped, the baby mosquitoes killed, and we're back to our regularly scheduled blog. Phew. (Ick!Ick!Ick!Ick!Ick!)

I am in love with my latest mini-project, which is the Cabled Newsboy Cap (or something like that) from Stitch n B*tch Nation. It only took a day, it's super easy, and it fits! AND (this is particularly fun) I think it looks kinda cute on this nerdy knitter. Here's a snap:

I know it's kind of a weird perspective, but when the photo is taken from farther away, the hat blends right in with my hair. Don't believe me? Here you go, you doubting Thomases:

What do you say now, hmm? Yup--I'm wearing the hat, honest.

I also finished TWO MaryElla bracelets, but haven't attached the snaps yet, so I'll do photos later. I made one full-size bracelet, then another one with only the 2 center bead strips. I'm pleased with both of them; I think the thinner one will be a gift for a friend and the thicker one will be for me. We'll see.

I really want to try to thread some ribbon through the holes, and have ordered a few different ribbon options from Reasonable Ribbon, so I might be changing them when the ribbon arrives.

So now I'm working on a sock, using Regia Cotton in "Surf" colorway. The stripes are all beachy, sandy colors, with a little bit of water splashed throughout. I'm using a free pattern from OnLine--I remember seeing a sample sock at the Fall Fiber Festival & really liking the way it looked, but the only way to get the pattern was to buy the yarn (which I did, of course). Turns out it's a pretty basic pattern, but I don't regret buying the OnLine yarn, which became some sort of lace sock (Monkey, I believe).

The sock is to keep me company during my next week of interminable meetings...it's "Planning Week" at work next week, and we sit in multiple-multiple-multiple meetings. I would usually be very cranky about this use of my time, but it means I get to knit for all of those hours, so I'm changing my tune. I should be able to crank out a good portion of a sock considering the minimum number of hours I'll be in meetings is 6, and it could be as much as 10. Don't you want to be me? I bet you do, I can just tell.

Meanwhile, yesterday was Nerdy Hubby's birthday. Happy birthday to my hubby! We had a nice evening of dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant & a movie (Midsomer Murders: Bad Tidings) at home. We're such an old married couple! And when I say old, I mean OLD: Nerdy Hubby just turned a whopping 38. Phew! It's surprising he can still walk. Hee hee.

Now it's off to work on a few rows of sock before lunch ends. I doubt I'll post this weekend--we're going to see the Nerdy Nephews and other members of the Nerdy Family. I'll be knitting on the last clue for MS3, so sometime next week I should have a photo of the completed stole. I can't wait! I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat in anticipation, too.


At 2:25 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

Love the cute hat! Hope hubby had a wonderful birthday!

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Ick indeed! On the bright side, you DID find out what the critters were!

Nice hat too.


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