A few missing photos--found

First and foremost--Clue2 for Mystery Stole 3 is complete! Here it is. Any guesses as to the theme? I'm still not sure--it looks vaguely insect-like, but what do I know?

And this is totally off-topic--it's a painting we bought at a festival in Manteo, on Roanoke Island, NC, when we were there for our anniversary. I love it! There's a chance the palest blue in the fishy might just match my office--wouldn't that be perfect? So what if WE bought it to commemorate OUR anniversary...if it matches my office, it should live in my office, right? Luckily, Nerdy Hubby agrees. What a nice hubby!

Oh, and we're back to knitting content. This is Sock #1 of the pair I'm making for Nephew2. This sock has had some adventures in its young life: it was born in the bleachers at Kate Collins Field, where we watched a baseball game between the top two teams in the league ("our" home team won). Yeah, that's not so interesting--lots of people knit at baseball games. The conversation between a young girl & her nana was the funny part: "Nana, do you knit like other grannies?" Hmph! I'm not a granny! For those of you who haven't met me, I should tell you that I have yet to turn 37. That's nowhere near granny age. I guess it's all relative to a young girl. It made me giggle, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, I sat & knit, happy as a clam, until...the ball of yarn fell between the bleachers, all the way to the ground! In my panic I got right up & prepared to run down to rescue my poor little ball of Opal sock yarn when Nerdy Hubby pointed out that once I got the ball back in my hands, I wouldn't be able to get it back UP to our bleacher (it was attached to the sock-in-progress, you see). Eek--he was right! So, I had to take a deep breath, push all of the stitches to the middle of the needles, and take another breath before dropping my beloved newborn sock down between the bleacher seats. Double eek!

Luckily, no urchins grabbed it before I got my nerdy self down there to retrieve it, and--miracles of miracles--the ground beneath the bleachers was pretty clean. No gross ABC ("already been chewed") gum; no peanut shells; no puddles of sticky drink. All in all, it was a successful rescue with very little damage. Phew!

This photo shows (you might need to squint--I've already confessed I'm not a professional photographer, and I certainly don't play one on this blog) a deerio just off the side deck at our house. Luckily, the Beast didn't catch sight of the poor skiddish little deer. Sadly, my camera scared it off pretty quickly, but I did manage 2 snaps before it ran off. We love having critters in our yard--country living at its best! I can say that because our critters have a lot of grass and clover to eat, which keeps them from eating our flowering plants. I don't know how we'd feel if the deerios were gnawing on our store-bought plants.

There you have it, folks--all of the things I've been talking about, and more, now illustrated in full color. Enjoy!


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Wannietta said...

Your MS3 looks great! I'm just awaiting yarn then a quick trip to a bead store - I don't keep a lot of lace weight in the stash.

At 10:29 PM, Blogger owl knits said...

I love the way the red looks for the shawl!

I've seen a skunk, cats, and squirrels in my yard...

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aren't dogs funny with turtles? When Wassail finds one, she picks it up and brings it home and looks awfully silly.
Ahh, don't be fooled by the abundance of natural deer food. They're still far more interested in what you're growing, I'm afraid.


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