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I've been working away on my vest, and am almost to the armhole steek...well, "almost" is a bit of an overstatement...I have one more chart repeat, plus a few additional rows...but I've already done the ribbing and almost 2 full chart repeats, so I'm more than 2/3 of the way to the armhole. Not so bad, right?

And now for the photo (this was taken while I was tinking back almost an entire row because I was foolish and didn't check myself at the markers):

And here's another little knitted item to show. It's the hat from One Skein, and it's made from one of those craft-store cotton yarns (I can't remember the brand), and it's bigger than the smallest size, but not as big as the biggest (I told the recipient it's for 4-6 months, but who knows when her boy's head will fit the hat?):

And last, but definitely not least, is proof that working a pooch's brain is just as tiring as working his body. This is
The Beast (aka Henry) after the last obedience class:

Tee hee. He slept most of the day away after that one! Speaking of our beastie--he was chosen to be one of 365 dogs to be featured in a "limited edition" poster promoting some movie, "Year of the Dog," or something like that. There was 1 grand-prize winner, 12 runners up, and 365 supporting players. Henry's in that last group. So his only prize is a copy of the poster. How funny!

And while I'm on the topic of pooches...I've been haunted by stray pooches for the last week, and it makes me so sorry that I can't help them all. First there was a stray dog on my way to work, but I couldn't stop because it was a busy road and I was afraid it would run INto the traffic. Then there was the little beagle I saw on another major, busy road, while I was sandwiched in between other cars moving at 55mph, so I couldn't stop. I did pull over farther down the road and walk back up the mountain, whistling and calling to the dog, but I never found it. That was horrible--I saw it while I was coming down the mountain, and it was so terrified, peeking out between the guardrail...its little face stayed with me the rest of the way home. Sigh. I hope some nice person found it and helped it get to a safe place. THEN, last night, there was another pooch on the same busy road where I saw the first pooch, but heading in the opposite direction. Again, I couldn't stop without causing an accident, so I had to continue on my way.

I wish I could help all of the loose dogs out there, but honestly, since there's no leash law in our county, it's hard to know which "stray" dogs are just wandering around, and which ones are truly lost. The whole requiring a license thing doesn't seem to apply to the folks where we live, either, so it's highly probable that loose dogs without collars actually belong to people, too. But I heard a rumor that the county's going to start requiring vets to turn in clients whose dogs come in without licenses. I would think the majority of the people who don't bother getting licenses for their dogs aren't bringing them to the vet very often, but what do I know?

Well, all I can do is stop when I think it's safe for all involved, and just send good vibes to those pooches I can't help.

Speaking of helping someone, have you all heard about Annie Modesitt's husband's situation? He's very ill, and their family could use some support. She is offering (for a donation) a pattern she designed, but I would think you could donate whether you want the pattern or not. There's also a PO box for sending cards and other forms of support. I'm planning to donate, but I wish I could find another way to show support...there are only so many cards and supportive emails a person can deal with. But then again, I'm sure money is really helpful right now.

If you can think of something to do for their family, I hope you will.

Happy Thursday, everyone--I'll be incomunicado all weekend because our friends (who also happen to be family--how great is that?!) will be with us all weekend. Hooray!


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Opal said...

How awful to see those dogs on such a busy road! How terribly heartbreaking. :-(

At 12:01 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Hi, Your vest is stunning! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on this.

At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Maia said...

Your vest is gorgeous! I love the colors.

Loose dogs always scare me. To know that all my dogs were once loose and alone breaks my heart.


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