Pop quiz...

Q: What do you do when your basement-level office, which flooded with 6" of water last fall, leaving moisture and ick, not to mention the carpet adhesive and chunks of carpet padding (from when we had to rip up the soaked carpet) behind, is just not working out?

A: You paint it the perfect sky blue, of course!

Here's the other side of the room, complete with icky floor, yucky walls, and boring old neutral wall color:

I am so excited about this beautiful blue, I can hardly stand it! It's the most perfect sky blue color! The paint company (Valspar, if anyone's interested) name is "Sonic Sky." I don't know what makes it "sonic," but I don't even care--it's perfect!

So far, this is our first DIY project indoors since we moved into the house. We've put down toxic-smelling solvent to remove the carpet glue/padding, which worked to a point, but today we have to do a second coat of it. Not fun. We've washed the moldy walls with a bleach/water mixture. We've scrubbed at the moldy wall with steel wool. We've painted the walls made of dry wall.

The rest of the project involves priming the cement walls with water-resistant paint, filling in cracks in the walls/floors with special sealant, and painting the remaining walls and the floor.

I'd say we're almost halfway done with the project. It's going to be so happy and cheerful--a perfect antidote for a basement room with 2 little windows. Hopefully my computer will be able to go back down to its rightful home and we'll get our kitchen table back to normal. What a concept!


At 11:23 AM, Blogger Carol said...

You are right, the blue is wonderful. As for the icky glue, my sister had some on her balcony left over from the removal of astr-turf and found that a layer of peanut butter when left on for a while and then scraped off worked wonders! Of course, it was only a couple of patches of glue, not a whole floor, so I'm not sure how useful it would be to you...


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