I have new knitting friends!

I'm such a lucky nerdy knitter. I got to meet Bess last Sunday, and boy, was that fun. There were 4 librarians in one place, all of us knitters, and all of us talkers. To make it even better, we had brunch at the newly-renovated Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton (for those of you living outside this area, that's pronounced "Stanton"). Yum-a-licious, I say. The only down side was when I went to retrieve my knitting bag from below my chair and discovered I'd pulled the needle out of the last few stitches...of my lace shawl!!!! But the best part of being with a bunch of knitters is that everyone understands. I was mid-sentence (telling a thrilling story, I'm sure) when the disaster struck, and I couldn't carry on until I fixed the problem. Everyone at the table said "Do what you have to do to fix it." And so I did, and everything was fine. Phew!

I'm almost done with the main (boring) section of the Icarus shawl...one more set of row repeats and I'm ready to move on to the set-up section for the lacier section. Yahoo!

Yesterday was my second recent date with a new knitting/spinning friend. Janice (catspaw to some) came over with her wheel & we hung out on our deck, spinning and chatting. Aah, that's the life. Janice has a beautiful wheel that folds up like a Transformer (they're more than meets the eye, you know). Janice fit right in at the Nerdy House--she knew just how to handle the Beast to keep him from "baptizing" her. Janice has lived in this neck of the woods for much longer than we have, so not only is she a great knitting/spinning resource, but she knows all kinds of great things about our area. What fun to have a new pal in our lives!

Today was a big day for the Beast: we went for a drive, which on its own would cause excitement, but this time we went to visit a friend and her pooch, Lobo, at their house with all kinds of land for running. Beasty Boy ran and ran and ran, but didn't quite play with Lobo, which was disappointing. At least Beasty Boy didn't run off--he spotted a critter and took off like a shot, but I was able to reattach his leash before he got through the fence.

So, we've all had big weekends around the Nerdy home. Nerdy Hubby did major landscaping work at the house and got to play golf, and I got to spin, knit, chat with a new friend, AND exhaust the beast. Perfect!

Because I'm at home, I don't have high-speed connection to the web, so I can't post photos until I'm at work again. When I return to work, I'll make sure to have a photo of the Icarus-in-progress. The color changes are looking really nice. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestion--I think I'm going to love it!


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Krista said...

Sounds fun! It's great to have knitting friends!


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