My husband, some hotshot

Hee hee--that post title came into my brain from absolutely as far in left field as you can get without leaving the ball park. Remember that commercial for laundry detergent, and the guy tells his customers (I think) his method for getting clothes so clean is an "ancient Chinese secret"? Then, when his wife discovers that it's just a box of detergent, she says, "Ancient Chinese secret, huh?". Somewhere in that same ad, she says, "My husband, some hotshot."

The reason for all of this is that the comment from "anonymous" in the last post was from Nerdy Hubby himself. For those of you who missed it, here it is:

"Anonymous said...
The vest would go well with my new shoes. Better hurry up. "

The new shoes mentioned are golf shoes. I scheduled a weekend with Nerdy Parents, and what does Nerdy Hubby do? Schedules a weekend of golf with his best friend, of course! Unfortunately, the vest wasn't complete in time for the golf weekend--it would have been very helpful considering it SNOWED (in Virginia, mind you) on Saturday.

Speaking of the vest...I'm sewing the side seams tonight, then I've got to pick up stitches for armholes and neck. I love sewing up seams, but I don't pick up stitches very neatly, so I'm a little afraid of doing that. I just want it to look nice, you know? And picking up stitches can make or break a handknit item.

Meanwhile, I couldn't bring the whole vest project to NYS with me (too bulky for the small carry-on bag I chose), so of course I had to select a new project!

What did I choose? I started the Icarus shawl. Yahoo! I'll take a photo this week. It's gauzy and beautiful so far. The pattern allows for adding row repeats to extend the size, so I'm not too worried about how fine my yarn is--I'll just do a bunch more repeats before I get to the edging (the feathery part).

The next time I hem and haw over making a shawl, remind me that I prefer to knit them from the widest point to the narrowest point. I'm on the 3rd set of row repeats for the Icarus, and I'm already looking ahead, wondering when I'll be done. Each RS row adds 4 stitches...I started with 5 stitches and now have well over 150. And I'm barely in the early stages. Sigh. But it's gorgeous, and I can put it down to do other, smaller, projects.

My mom is using me as a test case to see what she thinks of the yarn in the Icarus pattern. Why would she care, you ask? Because she bought the SAME YARN (in a slightly darker color combo) last year. She's unsure of what to do with hers, too, so I'm sure she's following your suggestions closely.

I spent a good number of hours at Nerdy Parents' house looking through Nerdy Mommy's knitting books. I really loved Folk Shawls--I wish the Nerdy Parents didn't live so far away; the Nerdy Mommy Library is so appealing!

The big visit to NYS was to celebrate Nerdy Dad's 65th birthday--wowie! We had a very nice family-filled weekend, and even managed to fit in a few hours to knit.

What happens when 2 lace knitters sit down to knit in a rare quiet moment? They both spend the whole time finding a mistake, fixing it, making another mistake, frogging, reknitting, finding another mistake...yup, you guessed it--I ended the 1-2 hours of knitting on the very same row I started on! I was feeling pretty pessimistic about the pattern by then, but I haven't had any problems since then (knock on wood). I think it was the distraction of chatting with my mommy. It's her fault, I tell you!


At 6:19 PM, Blogger Krista said...

All your lace talking reminds me why I have put off lace knitting for so long. I can't stand all the tinking!

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Maia said...

I hate seamimg. I will do gymnastics to avoid seams. However, I like picking up stitches. Maybe we need to team up. ;-)

I am feeling the urge to knit a shawl too. I can't decide which one though.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Bess said...

I can't wait to see a photo of the Nerdy Vest!


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