quick update on the pooch

I know you've all been worried sick about our poor little guy, so I thought I'd lay your fears to rest: he either bruised or sprained his tail. He's' on anti-inflammatories and painkillers for the next 5 days. He's already pepping up and his tail is at about half-mast, which is a big improvement.

The worst part of the whole trip to the vet's office was listening to the caterwauling when they clipped his nails. Sheesh--I've never heard anything like it from our poor, pathetic pooch!

It's a good thing they're used to all kinds of critters with all kinds of issues, because he left an awful lot of pee in his wake...

So that's it--a bruise/sprain and some drugs and we're good to go.

Thanks for your concern. Henry appreciates it. He'd really appreciate a few cookies, some cheese, maybe even some pepperoni...


At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Maia said...

Well, that's a relief. Good to hear that Henry is on the mend. Give the pooch a smooch for me.

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Nerdy Knitter said...

We're glad, too--he's such a pathetic little sicky-poo. But his tail is back to wagging-at-full-strength normal, which is fun to see (although it can be painful when he whacks you).


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