Late to the party, but who cares!

Kat asked people to see the photos they're using for their wallpaper, and I couldn't resist showing mine (even though you've seen it before) because it's so darn cute.

Here's what I see every time I sign on to my computer at work:

A dog on his deck

Now, I ask you, could he get any cuter? I don't think so! Who knows what he was seeing/hearing when I took that photo, but I'm sure it was something very upsetting (he's a bit of a nervous Nellie, our boy).

Kat's dog, Lucy was her wallpaper, but she replaced Lucy's photo with one from
Cute Overload (you know the one, it's a kitten wearing a knitted hooded sweater). I don't know...Lucy's photo is pretty darned sweet. I think I would like to have that photo of Lucy so Henry could "meet" her. She looks like she might be his type (okay, any dog is his type, really, but it sounds good).

And, since I haven't added any photos lately, here's a picture of what happens when a 3 1/2-year old boy chooses the activity for the day:

Hooray for Bowling!

Yup, that's bowling, folks. Nephew #2 is obsessed with the game, so we all went along. Hey--did you know bowling ain't cheap? For 2 hours for 6 adults and 3 kids was over $100! What happened to the family pastime? That freaked me out. And, as luck would have it, I don't really enjoy bowling, nor can I participate for long as I have weak wrists. So I was right there with the kids, doing this:

Even that hurt my wrists eventually, so I sat out and knit while the kids finished their game.

That same weekend, Nephew #1 said, "Why are you always sewing?" He sounded very put out, maybe that I don't play as much as he'd like, I'm not sure. I explained that I like to make things, and that I would like to make something for him (his birthday is approaching). That seemed to make it more acceptable. Now I "just" have to find the right pattern for some cool kid-appropriate socks...


At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Maia said...

Awww! Can't get enough of that cute mug. Give him a big kiss for me.


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