Just call me "The Spin Doctor"

That's right--I had trouble with JoAnn (my spinning wheel, so named by Nerdy Hubby) this morning, and I fixed it all by myself. Yahoo! No cursing involved, either (at least that I remember...it was early AM, however).

And, as if that weren't enough, I plied this morning. Yup, I took 2 bobbins of singles spun by yours truly, and plied them together to create one big bobbin of YARN. Yes, I said it: I made yarn. Amazing!

I'm not quite sure how much of it I have, but I'm thinking I might be able to make a baby's hat or something along those lines. I might wind it into a skein and give it to Nerdy Mommy for Christmas and let her figure out what to do with it. Yes, I'm crazy like that.

I took photos of all of my cotton craziness and the plied yarn, and put the photos on my little portable drive...or so I thought. I came to work and tried to show my colleagues my beautiful yarn, and the photos weren't on my drive. Hmph! So I have to try again; not sure what I did wrong. Harumph.

So, tomorrow, I hope, will bring photos of my finished items and of my yarny-yarn. Tune in tomorrow.


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