What to do with my day

Yahoo!!!! My 4-hour class was canceled at the last minute. What am I doing with that spare time? Sitting at my work desk, trying to add changes to my Blogger template, of course. Grrr! Blogger let me save my changes, but won't "publish" them. I don't know what that means. Sigh.

No photos right now, just a quick note to say that I've joined the Purling Puppies web ring (for knitters who love their dogs...I "guess" I fit into that category), and the Knitters Review web ring. I hope I'll get some new visitors...although I'll have to start posting more often if that's going to be the case!

Tomorrow's the big Pumpkin Festival at Chester Farms. A tour of a working yarn mill--yahoo!! Maybe I'll just have to investigate their wool and see if some might fit into my purse...paid for first, of course, you sillies!


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