My bounty

What is this lovely photo, you ask? If you guessed "the amazing prezzies sent by my pal, Maia (aka Mizzem)," you are correct! Maia made a beautiful bag just for me (she even designed the pattern!), plus she sent all kinds of goodies, including handmade soaps for me AND my mother, who was visiting when we thought the package was due to arrive. Now wasn't that thoughtful?! There was also a chocolate bar made by my very favorite brand (Green & Black's), chockfull of almonds. Yum! Why isn't it in the photo, you ask? Well...maybe because the wrapping has already been removed, and some of the bar already devoured...maybe, just maybe. AND (I seem to be saying 'AND' a lot in this entry, don't I? It's because there's so much to describe) she sent 4 little wads of stunning fleece for me to use with my drop spindle. Gulp! I'm still a spinning rookie, but she said that I am supposed to just spin it, not wait until I feel up to using the fancy stuff. It's so beautiful, I'm tempted to jump right in, which is what she said I should do. Maybe even this weekend (Nerdy Hubby is going to be away Sat/Sun).

And there were some treats for the Pooch Child. He was very pleased as well. In fact, he was also very interested in the yummy smells coming from the soaps, so they've been sealed up in a baggy until we decide which flavor to use first.

Thank you, Maia, for being such a fantastic pal! I hope you'll leave a comment so I know where to find your blog (and, if you want, what your last name might be)...oh--and I have a question for you: did you spin the yarn you used for my bag?

Here's a better (still not great) photo of the bag, which is the superstar of the prezzies:

A felted bag designed just for little old me

The photo doesn't do the bag justice; it has this great, chubby, round shape on the bottom, then narrows and almost flares at the top. It's really cool. It looks like the bottom was made using triangles that were done kind of like the multidirectional scarf, but I don't know for sure. Maia? Want to pipe in here?

Phew--My little fingers are exhausted from all of the typing required to describe just how spoiled I am! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Maia!


At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Maia said...

Hi Judy!

Yes the bag is made from handspun. I want to make another using commercial self-striping yarn and I am having trouble finding something other than Noro. I intend to publish the pattern, sometime after I make another one or two.

I did put a lot in there. I had forgotten half of it myself. I love that Green & Black is your favorite. It is great stuff. Did you open the needle case?

Does the Beast know of greenies? I only ask because they are a treat that should be supervised. I hope your mom likes the soap you send her. It makes me realize that I neglected the hubbinator; please extend my apologies.

Do spin the fiber. I believe that I promised more once I saw photographic evidence of this spun up. I know I was so afraid the spin "the nice stuff" at first and it was really just a silly self-imposed barrier to spinning. I trying to get you addicted. ;-)

Have fun with all your goodies. I hope we remain pals.


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