Oh, Baby!

Tee hee hee. The recipient of my secret Surprise Baby Jacket stopped me in the hall yesterday to ask if I had been the one to leave the gift. I looked her right in the face and lied to her: "Why, no--I don't know who might have done that; what a mystery!" She said she asked me because she knew I "do that sort of thing." I think she meant that I knit, not that I leave mysterious packages in people's mailboxes.

The really amazing thing is that she said they keep holding the sweater up to the baby, and it's still too big! She thinks it will fit him in a few months, right when he'll need a little sweater to keep him warm. He must be a teeny-tiny baby if that little sweater doesn't fit yet.

Speaking of knitting for babies...I'm already halfway through a blanket for a baby who's due in late November. How is it that I'm so ahead of the game? Well, I think I thought it would take a lot longer, and I was avoiding the long-forgotten partially completed ballet neck cardigan. This blanket is a stretch for me--I'm using acrylic (I chose the denim color), which is sensible for a baby blanket that's going to be washed/dried often, and I'm doing something fairly large and time-intensive, and I'm using a book published by Leisure Arts. I don't like doing rectangular projects becuase they're typically tedious, but this little blankie is moving right along (remember that song in "The Muppet Movie?"). And I usually find the Leisure Arts patterns a little too basic and homemade-looking for me, but there were so many cutie-pie blanket patterns in the book that I decided it would be a good purchase. The pattern I chose is for a faux-quilt blanket that uses a textured block alternated with a stockinette block with a garter stitch border. The stockinette blocks have the little thread tied in the middle to mimic quilt squares with the threads. It's very cute. I think that's why I'm making such progress--I keep holding it up to see how cute it is, then I keep going to see if I can finish another set of block repeats. I'll do photos soon, I promise.

So, lots of baby blankie knitting, and not much else to report. But, my parents are arriving tomorrow, and my mom and I will certainly do some nerdy knitting-related activities. Full report next week.

Oh--how could I forget this? My One Skein Secret Pal is sending my August present tomorrow!!! That means I get a one-of-a-kind, designed-for-me present AND I get to learn who my spoiler has been these last three months. Yahoo!

I'll let you know as soon as I know.


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