I'm a lucky nerd!

Why am I such a lucky nerd, you ask? Because I received this:

So happy! So cheery!

And it was made just for me by my One Skein secret pal. Isn't it gorgeous? Any ideas what I should make to do justice to this fun stuff? All suggestions accepted. :-) It's so fun and cheery that I would like to make something I'll see/use on a regular basis because I think it would cheer me up if I'm feeling blue. But I don't want it to get too much wear and tear because I wouldn't want it to pill...such a quandary!

And then, on the same day, I received this:

I'm so spoiled!

This unexpected gift is my thank-you from my other One Skein Pal (the one I was spoiling), Beth. It's in beautiful lilacs and blues. Again, a quandary about what to make with it. I do have one idea...maybe a Bobbi Bear if I have enough yardage. I haven't investigated that to its fullest yet. But it has potential.

And now I'm out of time so I'll leave you with a cutie-pie photo of our nephews fishing at a nearby lake/park:

Three fishermen


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