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Well, I just gave up on figuring out how to rotate a photo in Flickr and have it show up correctly in the blog. Ugh! I don't have time to fiddle with this when I'm on my lunch hour and need to get a little knitting done besides!

So, follow the link to Flickr and you'll see all of my photos. Here's one that worked the way it was supposed to:

Alpaca Friend #2 is so cute

I went to a Berry Festival at the Orchardside Yarn Shop on Saturday. Guess where the yarn shop is...if you guessed "next to a berry orchard," you're the winner! (We've already established that I don't really give prizes to my winners...you should just enjoy the feeling of satisfaction at knowing the answer.)

My friend, E, and I had a great time chatting on the drive out there (it's about 45 minutes from our area), walking in the nice, sunny, weather, browsing at the local vendors' wares...and seeing alpacas and adorable angora bunnies! Who knew they come in gray?!

Oh, yes, there was also a yarn shop to explore, with everything (I love that my color is the "Cisco Kid" color!) in the place discounted (I think this is the color I chose) by 20%, and a few extra things 30% off...(yes, I bought 3 balls of that exact color--it looks like fog and smoke and all of those wonderfully vaporous things; imagine it in a lacy shawl!).

I also saw a really beautiful multidirectional scarf done in self-striping sock yarn. It was gorgeous, and really dainty, done on nice, little needles. I might use the yarn my Knitting Vacation Swap pal gave me to make one of those...it would be lovely!

Not sure what I'll use the Tri-Color Suede for, but it's my favorite color combination, so I felt I had to buy it. But, considering the price, I only bought 1 ball, which naturally limits what I can make. One can only have so many scarves, you know...

I really, really, really want the perfect pattern for the Kid Merino because it's such a gorgeous color--I'm always attracted to mohair-type yarns, then never know what to do with them. Please, please, please, if anyone is reading this who can give me suggestions, please do!

I just bought this beautiful pattern yesterday, but I don't have enough of the Kid Merino to make it (plus, this is where I get confused--can I use fuzzy, fill-in-the-holes-with-fuzz yarns for this kind of lace, or will the design disappear in the fuzz?). Oooh! Oooh! Wait a minute! I dooooo have enough yarn! So, anyone? Could I use my fuzzy yarn for this pattern? What a concept!

Well, lunch is officially over, and I didn't even finish my entry. That's what I get for being such a link-happy nerd today!

So, it's back to the reference desk...for 5 more hours...if you're in the area, swing by and ask me a question. Anything, really. Well, except "how do you print from the computers here?" That might send me into a tizzy as it's the only question I get most nights. So put on your thinking caps and ask something memorable.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Krista said...

I wanted to go to that event at the yarn shop, but was out of town! They also have a big superbowl sale every year!


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