Knitting content sans photos

A few random thoughts about my quest for a new knitting project...

I just completed a portion of my overdue wedding gift project (yes, I've been working on it...here and there...honest). I wasn't ready to jump in and attack the next portion of the same project (knitting doldrums? I don't know what you mean!), and have had 10 balls of
Berroco's Lullaby, a soft, spongy ribbon-type yarn in black burning a hole in my stash (I got it at 50% off!!). There's enough in my stash to make a short-sleeved garment, so I spent most of Saturday and a good portion of Sunday going through my patterns, ruminating on which pattern would work with this yarn. The color and gauge were of great importance, I knew--cabled designs would get lost in the black, and of course, fine-gauge designs wouldn't work with the puffy ribbon.

What I didn't consider was what the finished fabric would be like--drapey? stiff? Well, I did a gauge swatch (don't look at me like that--I do swatches sometimes), and the finished product didn't have any drape at all. I crumpled my little square in my fist and it didn't even fully return to its original shape when I let it go.

So, let's think about a sweater made for me, Little Miss Lumpy Body, out of this fabric...a slim, body-skimming sweater would end up sticking to each and every lump in my torso, no?

I am for some reason incredibly proud of myself for having this insight before beginning an inappropriate pattern. I know, most people wouldn't even select the inappropriate pattern in the first place, but c'mon--give me some credit for figuring it out!

I found a good pattern (Annie Modesitt's
Ballet Neck Twinset) in IK (Spring '04). I hope I'm understanding this yarn's properties correctly--since the cardigan is so big and roomy, and doesn't really need much fluidity, this spongy yarn of mine should be okay. I'm not making the tank--just the cardigan.

Also, while I'm ruminating about finding patterns, I am still amazed at how many patterns in Vogue aren't big enough for me. Let me tell you--I'm now a proud size 10 (used to be a 16; hence the pride)...that's not a big size, nor is it a teensy-tiny size, but sheesh! Most Vogue patterns are for scary waifish models, and nothing else. Yes, I know, I could do the math to figure out making the pattern fit my curvy body, but I resent feeling so inadequate when I can barely find a pattern in a whole entire magazine that would fit my bust measurement!

So there!

I've just gotten 3 rows of garter stitch border done on my cardigan, and the yarn is black, which we all know photographs oh so well, so I won't be posting a photo of that anytime soon.

I will, however post a photo of the partially completed wedding gift since I know my friend doesn't know I have a blog. There are good things about anonymity!

Stay tuned for more knitting content...


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