Stylish critters in turtlenecks

Designer sheep?
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These sheepies were in an awkward position to get a really good photo, but look at what they're wearing, for pete's sake! They must have been tired of all the attention they were getting. STRIPED TURTLENECK SHIRTS, people!

By the way...does anyone know why the young sheepies were tethered so close to the fence that they couldn't really even stand upright? We passed more than one stall with lambs tied to close that they had to be on their tippy-toes (so to speak). Is there a reasonable explanation for this? Anyone?

My handsome honey
Originally uploaded by Nerdy Knitter.
You guessed it--I finally finished the second attempt at Nerdy Hubby's Rhapsody in Tweed! Unfortunately, the texture doesn't show up very well at all, but if you follow the flickr link, you can see the work-in-progress photo of the cabling. He looks so handsome in his sweater!!

Actually, I posted a link to the photo on Knitters Review, and a commenter said Nerdy Hubby is "yummy." Good thing I've got him where I can see him--someone might try to steal him away!

Finishing this project (again) is another excuse for starting my stole rather than concentrating on the Wedding Gift Project...I deserve something simple and mindless after knitting and ripping and knitting...right? Right?!


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