I spoke too soon

Sigh. The sweater shrunk back up after it dried, even after I blocked it to within an inch of its life. Yup, that means ripping out the side seams, the neck, and the shoulder seams so I can add one more cable repeat (25 rows) to each side. Luckily, I wasn't happy with the way the neck stitches worked out when I picked up the last time; this time I'm going to leave the front neck stitches on a stitch holder instead of binding off. That way I'll be assured that the cable stitches will match from the body. Frogging has been simple enough because the yarn is very woolly, meaning that it sticks to itself, making dropped stitches virtually impossible. Hooray for sticky wool!

It's funny--I'm usually a real product knitter, not a process knitter, but I'm almost happy about frogging part of this almost-finished object. I think it's partially because it allows me to avoid working on the wedding gift that is nowhere near completion. Plus I feel proud of my willingness to rip to make it wearable. I tend to avoid that kind of work and just make do with whatever I have when I deem the project complete.

I'm already wanting to work on another project (I bought some sock yarn...I'm thinking about the pomatomus socks from Knitty). But I really need to finish the wedding gift before the wedding (Memorial Day weekend). The wedding gift project (henceforth known as the WGP) isn't difficult, but it involves needing a good solid block of time to work on it and I haven't had much of that recently. It's too much effort to pick up the project and just knit a row or two. Hopefully I'll have some "me" time this weekend and devote it all to knitting on the WGP.

That is, if we don't do more gardening...I have seeds "burning a hole in my pocket."

Eek--I'm in the faculty lounge at work (on my lunch), and they're doing construction on the other side of the wall where the computer is. I'm going to post this before they pound right through the cinder blocks!


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Knitting Librarian said...

Hi Nerdy Knitter,

That's funny that you're thinking about making potamotomus (or whatever) socks - I just printed the pattern the other day and I'm hoping to make them during the big European Vacation! I think I saw them on the yarn harlot site, that I linked to from your site.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Kelli said...

"Me" time devoted to working on a gift for another. What's wrong with that statement? Hope you survived the construction without getting electrocuted!


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