Sockaloos are done! (before the birthday, even)

The Little Runes socks are done! No, the self-patterning yarn didn't "pattern," but that's okay; I think they look like ragg wool socks, but with stripes. They're a teeny bit longer than they should be for a just-turning-5-yr old, but I'm sure he'll grow into them. I hope he won't be disappointed, though. The colors are pretty accurate--there's charcoal gray/black, slate gray, paler slate gray, and bright (electric) blue--all with white bits.

Here they are, lounging on our recliner. They've been blocked, and are already dry. I'm going to send them, along with a cool picture book (
Actual Size) that I think will appeal to a 5-year old boy.

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But wait--there's more!

Here's a knitting productivity hint: want to make people think you're really super-fast? Wait until you've got a bunch of finished items, then show them all at once. Lookie here at what I've done...tons of things. Heaps!

Well, okay, I did just finish the socks (see prev post), but the bunting has been done for a loooong while (unblocked).

But (cue drum roll here)...I blocked it! And the flaps are the right shape! Who woulda thunk it could be that easy? Here's the whole thing, all nice and blocked:

And here's just one of the nice, rectangular flaps (near perfection compared with the pathetic parralellogram-like flaps of old):

Hooray! And the gift has already been received and the momma-to-be has rated it "the most beautiful thing you've made for us." Hooray! I can't wait to see Nephew #3 in it! Someday soon...
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