Random (old) finished object

I put some old photos in flickr and want to see if I can link to just one. The link should bring you to a photo of a kitty bed I made for a fundraising even for Petfinder a long time ago. Since I don't own a cat, I used "Mr. Bear," a frighteningly bright-pink bear I've had for 10+ years, as a model. Ain't he cute? Before you ask--yes, the color is pretty accurate. Egads!

There is a little story behind my attachment to Mr. Bear...I went to an amusement park with a group of friends. The majority of the group was male. I saw Mr. Bear at a throw-the-softball-into-the-milk-urn game, and fell in love with him. Here's why--his original fur was that soft, luxurious kind like you'd see on a Gund bear, and he was soft and squishy, not hard and icky like most amusement park prizes.

Well, the men of my group tried to be all manly, and win the prize for me, and all of them failed. I tried, and won! Yup, the girl who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a tank won a throwing game! So, I keep Mr. Bear to remind me of my triumph, and because I've grown to love him.

Another reason I love Mr. Bear: he was nameless for a very long time, until I met Nerdy Hubby. Nerdy Hubby started to refer to the nameless animal as Mr. Bear and I thought it was cute, so now, by calling him Mr. Bear, I'm also reminded of how cute Nerdy Hubby can be. I know, silly, cheesy, etc., but this is my blog, and I'll be as cheesy as I wanna be, so there!


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