The cat's out of the bag...

...or, The Dog is on the Couch

So, while Nerdy Hubby has been away, Nerdy Knitter (aka Doggy Mommy Extraordinaire) has been bonding with
the Beast. Odd though it may seem, the Beast prefers to bond on Mommy's level, rather than having Mommy come down to his level (aka the floor). So, while Nerdy Knitter was horribly sick (strep is Hell), she had a moment of weakness and allowed the Beast to cuddle on the couch, with the understanding that when Nerdy Hubby (aka Big Mean Doggy Daddy) came back to roost, all couch-visiting would end. This secret was ours to take to our graves. I thought we had an understanding.

Well, Nerdy Hubby was home for 1 1/2 days, and wouldn't you know, the
Beast-Child couldn't keep up his end of the bargain! Once the sun starts to set, and our thoughts turn to quiet time in front of the TV, Beast-Child's thoughts now seem to turn to couch time. He jumped right up there with no qualms whatsoever, even though it was CLEAR that Big Mean Doggy Daddy was back, watching his every move.

But here's the funny part--once he spluttered and complained about "someone" not being able to say no to this
beast, he capitulated without any argument from this meek little nerd! Yup, you read that correctly, Nerdy Hubby said, "go ahead and let him up there." Henry could barely believe his luck when I invited him up there in the presence of Big Mean Doggy Daddy, and no one made him go back to his spot on the floor (you should know that it's not cold, hard floor he's got--he has a cushy, soft bed on the carpeted floor).

So, Nerdy Husband and I have an agreement--if the
Beast ever ends up on our bed, we'll be in divorce court, but as far as the couch goes--Henry's welcome. Lucky me, lucky Henry. Now I can work on getting a photo of the cutie-pie all curled up with his head on my knee (heavenly). I was avoiding it because I didn't want any physical proof of my rule-breaking. Hee hee hee.

Now that I don't have that rule to break, I might need to find something else to do while Nerdy Hubby's away...in sunny Florida...with his brother...whose wife is away for the weekend...


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