Gasp! Knitting content!

I've just discovered that I can't "chew gum" (so to speak) and knit at the same time. I had a lovely, lovely, lovely, knit-date with my friend, E. We haven't seen each other in a long time, she's newly engaged, and I've never seen where she lives, so there were a lot of things to distract me from Rhapsody progress.

I bet you can't guess what happened, so I won't even make you try. "Surprise!" I worked without a "net" (aka chart), and discovered, 5 or 6 right-side rows later that I'd made up my own cable pattern which was disturbingly UNlike the one in the pattern. Sigh. I was too far ahead to drop stitches and rework them, so I frogged every single solitary row I'd knit while visiting with E! Yup, a good 2-3 hours just vanished in that one discovery. Sigh.

Then, while reworking the whole thing, I screwed up again--chartless, I might add--by making one of my cables twist the wrong way. I looked right at the last one I'd done and said, "so these three stitches go UNDER the other three." Ha! Apparently I can't count and chat, either.

But for that mistake, I was able to just drop the stitches and rework the cable, which made me very happy. I guess, in the grand scheme of things, I learned something about my competence, which was a good thing. Now I know that when (not 'if,' but when!) I do this again, I will have the skill to rework just the cable without losing all of my other work.

So, have I made any progress? Yes! I just finished the 4th repeat of the 24-row pattern. The pattern calls for 6 repeats for the back. My next step will be to measure Nerdy Hubby's neck-to-hem height to see if I need to do one more repeat. He's a tall one, my hubby. Then I'll start in on the front. I'm hoping to be working on the front this weekend when I'll be without Nerdy Hubby yet again.

Henry update:

I did manage to take The Beast to the park once again on Saturday, and he was good again! (Not quite as good as Friday's good, but still good.) The doggy park was awash in hyper dogs (it was sunny and dry). I overheard one owner counting dogs, and he'd gotten to 17 when I was distracted by something or other. Seventeen dogs!


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