Mr. Sleevie, he is done

Here's Mr. Sleevie in his almost-finished glory. Why "almost finished," you ask? Because I'm too chicken to bind off until the body is done and I can verify that the sleeve is the right length. You see, Hubby has very broad shoulders and very long arms. I think I measured it all correctly, but I haven't proven to be a very trustworthy measurer in the past, so this time I'm not going to chance it--I'm not going to bind off until the body is all done. The finished sweater in the photo shows the shoulders falling way, way down the model's upper arms, but when I measured across my hubby's shoulders, the seam falls just a few inches below his natural shoulder. No biggie except that means adding about 5" (!!!) to his sleeve length. Oy!

Now do you see why the math almost killed me? I had to figure out how to spread my increases over enough rows to get the right number of final stitches, but spread over a ton more rows than the original sleeve has. It still gives me chills!

About the yarn--I don't know who else out there has used Donegal Tweed, but it's beautiful! I have a close-up photo I'll add next. The yarn doesn't have much twist, and it has these wonderful slubs of color stuck in. How they do that I don't know, but it makes for a beautiful, beautiful yarn. Sigh. I wish it didn't cost an arm and both legs! Posted by Picasa


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