The wonders of steam

Hmmm...I don't have a clue why my mac doesn't like Blogger, but it's really not pretty when I'm working on this stuff from home. Eek! I guess we all know what I'll be doing on my lunch hour, then...taking advantage of high-speed Internet and a blogging interface that looks the way it's meant to. Sheesh--and I used to use my lunch hour for knitting...

Anyway--the meaning of my title today is this--we bought a steam-cleaning vacuum today and it's just incredible how much gunk that gizmo pulled out of our (admittedly very) dirty carpet. Take orange, clay soil, add rain and snow, freezing and thawing, and a crazy pooch, and what do you get? If you guessed peach-tinted carpet, you win! What do you win? The joy of knowing you were right, that's what. Sorry, folks, no contests here on the nerdy blog. Well, not yet...maybe someday. Who can say? Never say never.

It's still frigid here in previously-warm Nerd Land, but the sun is setting and it's getting even worse. What made me think of that now, you ask? Answer me this: where is my office? I won't even make you guess--I'll tell you because I'm eager to whine: it's in the basement! Yup, my poor little fingers are freezing, even with my wrist/hand-warmers on. Brrrr!

That's how dedicated I am to this whole new blogging idea, you see--I'll blog through rain, sleet, or snow--as long as I can have my electric, ceramic heater aimed directly at my legs, that is. Aaaah.

I hope everyone else is warmer than we are--it wouldn't be fair for everyone to be freezing!


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Bridget Whalen-Nevin said...

We're having a crazy winter too. More freezing rain than snow, and the ER is full of broken arm victims.


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