Germ-induced ranting

Okay, so things were looking pretty horrible yesterday when I woke up: dizzy spells (we're talking, putting head between the knees lest I pass out), super-sore throat, etc. I finally called the doctor and got an emergency appointment with Dr. not-my-doctor, who prescribed a 3-day routine of antibiotics. I said okay, was thrilled when Dr. Not-my-doctor said I might even start feeling better that very night (yahoo!!!), and went off to the pharmacy to get my miracle drug. This was at 11:30 (ish) on a Friday, folks, and I got the very last parking spot in the whole CVS parking lot! The pharmacy was mobbed. So, I dragged my poor, sick self around the store to buy the essentials: soft, lotion-added tissues, pain-killer, throat-numbing lozenges, and water to take my drugs with. When I did get my drugs, I just paid with my credit card and didn't really watch the total. Something vaguely odd registered in my brain, but I let it go. Well, now I know what was so odd--my total was over SEVENTY DOLLARS! Why, you ask? Because my 3-day supply of medication cost $49.59!!!! And this is WITH insurance!

Okay, so if it's some sort of miracle drug, I still think I could stomach paying that, but here's the worst part: I'm not really any better and I've already had two pills! Grrrr! So, probably, this means another visit to the doctor's office (this time I'll try to get Dr. My-doctor), and another co-pay, so we're looking at a $150 illness so far. Not to mention the fact that I didn't go to work today.

I'm normally a very independent (some, aka Nerdy Hubby, might even say 'stubborn') woman, and don't like a lot of fuss when I'm sick, but these past two days have had me wishing for Nerdy Husband to cut short his dissertation research trip to come home and do stuff for me. Like change the channel on the remote. I mean, like make me tea, go to the store for ginger ale for my throat, tame the Brat Child...you get the picture. Sigh.

So, I'm going to do a teeny bit of computer stuff then resume my position on the couch--pretty soon I'm going to have to curl up on the other end; I'm making a permanent dent on the right-side end.

I hope everyone who reads this has a much much better weekend than I'm having. And yes, that's a self-pitying comment if I ever wrote one, but I'm siiiiick. Hmph.


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