Back on track, baby!

I went back to my normal walking-before-work routine today, and I was surprised at how happy it made me to walk on "my" route rather than at work, where I can hear traffic noises and see other people. My morning walk is so country, so quiet and nice, and I'd forgotten that I prefer that setting. I actually don't think I realized I preferred it until I chose a different routine, which I found to be unsatisfactory. So, for now, I'm back "on the wagon." I hope the weather will cooperate--it was about 40 degrees today, which is warm enough to walk when you have all the right (knitted) gear.

Speaking of knitting--I am starting the 5th of 6 pattern repeats on the sweater, and I measured Nerdy Hubby's favorite sweater this morning...looks like I'm going to have to add a 7th repeat to make sure it's long enough. No big surprise there, I guess.

Here's a question: why, when I'm getting the right stitch gauge, is my row gauge so off? Argh!

I'm going to remeasure when I've completed the 6th pattern repeat, just in case some guardian angel of knitting is watching over my shoulder, miraculously stretching the piece to match the pattern measurements.

Another random thing I forgot to include in yesterday's post: I love homemade bread more than almost any other food out there. So what, you ask? Well, just imagine my wonder and surprise and delight when my friend, E, sent me home with a fresh-from-the-oven loaf of bread! And it wasn't just any bread, either. You see, my favorite "flavor" is what I call "birdseed" bread because it's full of yummy, crunchy things. The crunchier, the better, as far as I'm concerned. Well, E's bread was chock-full of pumpkin seeds and other grainy things. Scrumptious, I say! I can't even confess to you how much of the loaf is left, but you can imagine...I came home Sunday evening, around dinner time, toting a WARM LOAF OF BREAD. Warm, I say. Warm to the point of melting butter! Mmmm. Bread and butter. Mmmm. Crunchy crust, warm inside. Mmmm.

Oh, and did I mention that E also made
brownies for us to gnosh on while we knit? She's one helluva hostess, eh?

I bet you wish YOU lived in Virginia so you could meet E! And I'm not tellin' any more about her, because I don't want anyone horning in on my brownie/bread supply! Hee.


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