Hello? Clue phone for Nerdy Knitter!

I mentioned my for-charity bear in my cranky post, but didn't have a photo. Here it is. I've decided it looks more like a tiger than a bear, though. Don't you think so? I doubt the intended recipients will care whether it's a naked tiger or a naked bear. The original pattern called for using multiple colors to indicate a shirt and pants and a scarf. I went with multi-colored yarn I had at home, and decided it was too cute to cover up, so my tiger/bear is naked! How many times can I use the word "naked" in one post? Let's see..

I wonder if anyone will come across my blog as a result of searching for some pornographic content, now that I've said "naked" four times. Hee hee.

Oh, but you want to know why the clue phone is ringing for Nerdy Knitter?

Here's the story--I worked and worked to finish this naked tiger/bear by the end of the business day last Friday. It was for a charity drive, with a deadline of receiving the tiger/bear by Saturday. I worked and worked and worked, and finally had to admit that there was no way I'd finish in time to drive to the post office and get the naked tiger/bear in the mail. Sigh. But, I still wanted to send it, just in case a naked, day-late tiger might still help someone somewhere.

Well, I work until noon on Saturdays, which means I couldn't even get the naked tiger/bear into an early delivery. I went jetting right to the PO after work and was so proud of myself for thinking of using the self-serve kiosk to mail my parcel. No lines, no fuss. Perfect! I filled in the label, I wrote a note to include in the envelope, I weighed my little guy, and elected to send him via Express mail, just on the off chance that there is such a thing as same-day delivery for in-state Express mail.

Right as I was printing my Express mail label, I swear I saw something on the screen telling me to cover up any other mailing labels that might be on the package. Well, being the rule-follower I am, I stuck my barcoded Express label on TOP of the address label I'd already completed, and threw the package into the outgoing mail shute. Boy, was I proud of myself. [claps hands in excitement]

It wasn't until the next day that I started to doubt my intellect... I remembered vaguely that the automated self-serve mailing station didn't ask me for the address where I wanted the package to end up...just the zip code! So how would the PO know to deliver my (naked) donated tiger/bear to the Bay Window in Irvington, VA? Duh! If I'd left the address label well enough alone, everything would have been fine.

I called the PO to ask where things like that go, and the man asked "was your return address on the package?" and I had to admit that I'd purposely, with intent, covered the entire label. Embarrassing? A tad. Anyway, to find my lost naked tiger/bear, I'd have to go to a PO, get a form to fill out, send it away, then wait to hear whether my little parcel had been found. So much for express mail getting the naked tiger/bear there by Monday!

Meanwhile, I looked at my receipt and noticed there's a tracking number right there. This is 5 days since the original mishap, mind you, so if the package is anywhere trackable, I'm assuming it's in Atlanta, at the Dead Letter Office.

So, I type my little tracking number into the online system and discover (wait for it...)

my tiger/bear was delivered to the Bay Window (where it belonged)! Two days ago! HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!?!?

I missed out on being entered into the drawing for beautiful Noro yarn, but at least I know the naked tiger/bear made it in time to go to Jamaica to find a loving home.

All's well that ends well, right? Something to be not-cranky about--hooray!


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Pink Dandelion said...

ROFL... and yet our dear United Stated Postal Service somehow manages to lose barcoded & addressed magazines before it reaches it's recipient... it boggles the mind...

At 4:13 PM, Blogger Nerdy Knitter said...

ROFL--what does this mean?

I know, it's incredible how this stuff happens. I've sent air mail packages to my not-so-secret pal and they've taken weeks and weeks more than they were supposed to, then I've sent others that have arrived weeks early. There's just no explaining the postal service!


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