A photo of a knitted item!

This is my very first (and so far, only) color-work project. This is Nerdy Hubby, wearing his sweater. Don't ask to see the inside--the ends are still hanging out, never-to-be-sewn-in, and it's been years since I made the sweater! But it's fine, darnit! Why are you tsk-ing like that? I know you're not shaking your head at me--that wouldn't be nice!

This sweater is the reason I'm working on Rhapsody in Tweed--this is the only sweater I've ever made for Nerdy Hubby that even remotely fits him, and it's getting a little old because he wears it a lot. Doesn't he deserve a nice, cozy, hand-knit sweater that fits the way it should? I agree! So, back to the front of Rhapsody in Tweed, which is 2/3 finished.

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At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Pink Dandelion said...

I haven't braved color work yet...

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Larjmarj said...

Nice blog and nice job on the sweater! My hub would like a hand knit sweater but I have seen the way he takes care of the "regular" one's that he owns. He thinks every thing is machine wash and dry! I've started him out with a wool Irish hiking scarf to see how he does with it ;-) Pic's are on my blog.


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