The best of intentions

Sheesh! I start this blog, posting more than once a day on most days, and now it's been a week since my last entry! This is exactly why I can't manage to keep a journal. I have at least 3 partially-filled journals from various times in my life when I swore I was going to keep a journal every single day. They're funny to read because the first few entries are daily, then it goes to every week or so, then there's the inevitable "Oh my god, I can't believe it's been [insert amount of time here] since my last entry!" Then, nothing.

I am determined to keep up with this blog, though. Honest. Really.

Part of my delay in writing this time is that I was really and truly S.I.C.K. Yes, that spells "sick," and that's what I was. I can't recall the last time my throat hurt so much.

Then it was all about recuperating, which meant lots of couch time and not so much computer time.

But now I'm baaaack, and will post some knitting content very soon.


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