Grrrr! It's a cranky Monday

There are days when a few things happen to make me cranky, then there are days when every single thing just makes me cranky. I'll give you ONE guess which kind of day today might be...

...if you guessed the former (as opposed to the latter), then you're WRONG!

A few things have happened today that have made me cranky, which has then led to the latter, which is every single thing has conspired to make me really, really cranky.

The Big Issue is this: Nerdy Family has been living under the assumption that Nerdy Knitter's payroll requests have been heeded, and today we discovered that they have not. Yup, the additional taxes we requested be withheld for all of 2005 have NOT been taken out of Nerdy Knitter's salary, so we're going to owe THOUSANDS of dollars when we were expecting to get at least a thousand dollars refunded. Do you see the problem here? Paying thousands vs receiving thousands. Get it?

Then there's the fact that the money that was NOT being withheld will start to be withheld in the next Nerdy paycheck, so Nerdy Family has to learn to live on hundreds of dollars less. Meanwhile, Nerdy Family has been operating under the assumption that we're finally in a position where we can save some money. WRONG!

There you have it--the reason Nerdy Knitter wants to bite someone. Grrrr!!!!!

Oh, you want knitting content?

I started working on a kid's sized sock for First Nephew, who will be 5 in 2 weeks. The pattern was created for Opal self-patterning yarn, which I bought...considering everything else you've read, what do you think is happening to MY sock? No patterning whatsoever! Yup, just a bunch of garbled colors, with absolutely no logic. So, I ripped the sock, even though I was about to turn the heel, because I thought I'd try a different pattern and see what happened. This time I went into it with my eyes open, though, and didn't expect striping...and didn't get it. But the colors are at least looking a little less skizophrenic, so I'm sticking with the new pattern. It's Little Runes from Trek Casts On. So far so good--and I'm glad I switched patterns because this new pattern uses a slip-stitch heel flap, and I'd forgotten how much I like those. Take that, you stupid self-patterning pattern that doesn't self-pattern!

So, once the little sock-a-loos are done, I'll be back to working on Nerdy Hubby's sweater.

I also have a frustrating story to tell about mailing my for-charity teddy bear, but I'm out of time, so it will have to wait until another day. Lucky you--a little less cranky content.

Please, please, tell me someone, somewhere, is having a better day than I am!


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