I totally succumbed to the Clapotis craze

I searched high and low at last year's Maryland Sheep & Wool festival for a suitable yarn for the Clapotis pattern. I bought a gray superwash that was nice, and all, but for some reason didn't really speak to me. But it was cheap! And I think my super-helpful mom was offering to pay. Bonus!

Well, I never made the Clapotis, and I think part of the problem was the yarn. As luck would have it, I needed a sweater for a little nephew (#2), and the gray yarn worked beautifully. But what to use for the coveted Clapotis?!

Somehow, I had bought this gorgeous yarn that somehow escaped my notice, and then, like a lightbulb over my head, it appeared in my stash! It's handspun (I think) from Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and it's beautiful. It's waaaaay thinner than the gray yarn I'd originally bought, so the finished product is much finer. I sooooo love the finished product! AND, and this is the best part...AND, I still have almost one complete skein of the gorgeous yarn left!

So, without further ado...here's a close-up of the beautiful yarn in the Clapotis pattern:

And here's one end of the Clapotis. Sigh. I truly love this project. I've worn it multiple times--almost exclusively as a scarf flung playfully around my neck. . . not so often as a semi-shawl (it's too small to be a real, grown-up shawl). But I looooove it!

Tune in tomorrow for more photos of old finished projects to distract you from the fact that I haven't shown any in-progress photos of a
certain Nerdy Hubby sweater.

Actually, I just finished Nephew #3's socks this morning, which I'm planning to block (gasp!) tonight, in order for them to dry before I take them to the post office on Thursday. His birthday's Friday, and they live in-state, so our priority mail is guaranteed to get there in one day. Hooray! I think this will be the first time I'll have a knitted gift in time for any of the newphews' birthdays! I'll have photos tomorrow, if I remember to bring my camera connector cord to work (land of the fast Internet).
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At 1:05 PM, Blogger Knitting Librarian said...

I love the Clapotis! I can't wait to try the pattern. I'm going to try it with some of my homespun. I hope it won't stick together too badly.


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