Body Blocking

Body Blocking
Originally uploaded by Nerdy Knitter.

This title makes me think of the time I was addicted to Thai kickboxing...blocking takes on a completely different meaning when you're talking punching and kicking!

Anyway, here's the body of Nerdy Hubby's sweater...ain't it purdy?

Unfortunately, the yarn and cables don't show up so well here, but I've got a close-up photo of the cable, which I'll post next...

Cabling detail
Originally uploaded by Nerdy Knitter.
Here's the up-close look at the center cable. Sorry it's not centered in the photo...the basement where the sweater was blocking is dark, and I couldn't see whether I'd even gotten it in the frame, let alone centered it!

The color is pretty accurate, though--the yarn is charcoal gray, with flecks of pumpkin, olive green, and some ochre. Really beautiful!


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