Bet you can't guess what this is...

If you guessed "the biggest dust bunny ever discovered," you're wrong (not that huge dust bunnies are unknown in these-here parts).

If you guessed "a bad wig," you, too, are wrong.

But, if you guessed "the yarn left over after serious un-seaming and frogging on the Rhapsody in Tweed project," you're absolutely correct.

It's sad, but true--I had to rip out the side seam, the shoulder seam, and the entire neck (with its little cable treatment that lined up so well with the cable on the body). The good news is that I'm almost done with the new-and-improved (read: longer) front, and "just" have the back to fix (adding a 25-row cable repeat), then attach the shoulders (oh, how I love the 3-needle bind off), then do the neck (again).

It's getting very cold here, all of a sudden, so Nerdy Hubby might actually get to wear this thing if I can get it done by the weekend. And so, the saga continues...


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Pink Dandelion said...

Once dust bunnies get big enough they're dust rhinos, and that's an endangered species, so you vow never disturb the area where they reside and declare it a wildlife sanctuary!

It's too bad that you had to rip so much out :-(


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