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Wow--I have all kinds of fun things to report. Let's see...I had visitors this weekend--my college friend, G, who is moving from NYS to CA, and made a "slight" detour to come to the Nerdy House for a visit. G is a great house-guest because he arrives with ideas for activities, but is happy to do anything (or nothing). We went to the Big University nearby and wandered around and took photos, then went to that University's special collections exhibit where we saw really interesting things (considering how ignorant I've always been about US history, it's amazing that this display about the Declaration of Independence held my attention, but it did). The weather this past weekend couldn't have been more perfect for wandering around outside. Sigh.

Then, on Sunday, we went to Mr. Jefferson's house. Yup, we went to Monticello. Did I mention this was my 5th or 6th trip in that many years? But this time we walked the nature path (close to 3 miles one-way) to Monticello, then toured Monticello and the grounds (floral photos to follow). It was yet another beautiful day for this type of activity!

And, when buying sandwiches from the kiosk after the tour, the server said to me, "You worked at my library." Yup, I've been identified in public; I think I'm a celebrity now, right? Autographs will be available for a nominal fee...8x10 glossies are extra. You see, I used to be a high school librarian, then left that place for the local community college. Coincidentally, the community college is where a lot of "my" high school students go for their first 2 years of college, so I see them for a lot of years. The Monticello employee in question is one of those students. But I prefer to think that I'm just famous all over town...

Then the rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law-in-law (what do you call the person who marries your sibling-in-law?). The coolest thing about this couple is that my sister-in-law-in-law is also my college friend and post-college roommate! Yup, my friend married my brother-in-law! So now she's a permanent member of my family. Yahoo!!!!!

So, we hung out Sunday night-this morning (except for when this pesky thing called "work" interfered). They are driving from Florida to NYS on their way to IRELAND. Sigh. I wish we were going with them!

Nerdy Hubby's family has roots in Dublin, with relatives still living there, so whenever we can get over there, we have a great, friendly place to stay.

Nerdy Brother-in-Law took some fantastic photos of the Beast, which I'll attach to my next all-photo post (they'll be linked to Flickr with captions and all).

Oh, and I also have photos of my cool friends...with what we were hoping would be the mountains in the background, but we ended up with my college's driveway and the shuttle bus, with a touch of mountains. Phooey!
What? You want knitting content...well, I'm "this close" to finishing the stole out of my Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest boucle. When I finish I'll post a photo. Right now, it's basically a big blob of lumpy yarn. It will be beautiful when blocked, honest. I swear.

Did you see my question on
Eunny's blog? I'm in there--isn't that cool?! I love Eunny's thorough, well-thought-out responses to questions. I wish I had her brain. Maybe I can be reincarnated in the form of a super-smart, super-creative knitter with long, red curly hair, and peaches-and-cream complexion...oh, wait--that's my own private fantasy. Sorry--too much information, I know.

Moving on...hopefully the next post will be my photos.



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