How long does it take Nerdy Knitter/Doggy Mommy to knit 96 sts?

Let's revisit my attempt at flying through 5 rows of 96 sts before coming to work this morning, shall we?

1. knit. knit. knit. knit. knit. kni...

Nerdy Mommy: "Henry--come here, baby" [said in a sing-song voice indicating no hard feelings, just the desire to distract from whatever bizarre outdoor sight is the target this time].

Beasty Boy moves into the living room, away from the window...

2. [same blasted row, mind you!] knit. knit. knit. knitknitknitknit. knit...

Brat Child from Hell: "Bark!" [This "said" while standing in the middle of the living room, staring at Nerdy Mommy!]
Nerdy Mommy: "No, I refuse to play with you; I'm knitting!" [still said in a nice, friendly voice, honest]

3. [still the same row] knit. knit.

He Who Will Not be Ignored: "Bark! Bark!" [Still standing in the middle of the room, incredulous that anyone who loves him could possibly ignore his pleas for play.]

4. No more knitting; doggy play takes over.

Now, I know I could have ignored him altogether, but I spend 11 hours/day out of the house 4 days/week, so I'm weak when it comes to giving play-time.

So, I ended my morning with not even one of the possible five rows completed. [sigh.]

What was I working on, you ask? Well, I can only hint at it since it's a to-be-felted gifty item for my friend, N and I don't want to spoil the surprise. It might be something really cool, or it might be less cool, but practical. I'll let N worry about it for a little bit. Hee hee hee.

You see, N and I both obsess over upcoming gifts, both the receiving and the giving, so right about now, we're both on an equal footing--I can't wait to finish her project so I can send it, and I'm sure she can't wait for me to finish it so I can send it. See? We're equal opportunity gift givers/recipients! No wonder we get along so well.

Oh, and N --I felted my bowl, but haven't taken a photo yet. It's soo cute! I might felt it a few more times, but for now it's just right. I'm waiting for the next time Nerdy Hubby is washing hot wash/cold rinse-appropriate clothes to throw the bowl in with them. Nerdy Hubby is very particular about his laundering, so I have to live by his what-goes-with-what-temp-water rules...

I finished my gift for my One Skein Secret Pal Program pal (I just like using the full official title for some reason...I could just call her OSSPP pal instead, I suppose. Not as fun.), which I also can't show anyone just on the off chance she figures out who I am and how to find my blog (what are the chances of that, honestly? A gazillion to one is generous, but I'll play by the rules until August rolls around).

The gift I made for my One Skein Secret Pal Program pal was a lot of fun because I actually modified a pattern for the first time. I'm such an intense rule/pattern-follower, that this was a major event in my life. The pattern made an item that was too small for what I wanted, and it wouldn't have used much of my single skein, so I made it bigger and changed one small part of the design. But when I was done, the item was a little scratchy, so I thought I would just put it in the washer for one quick wash, just to felt it a bit. I wasn't planning to completely felt it...well, after ONE wash, it's felted. There's no denying it--I felted the thing. But the bonus is that it looks really nice. Nerdy Hubby expressed a preference for the felted version, actually, and I think I agree. Phew!

But I have to remember that even though I have my for-August project ready to go, I still need to mail out the second skein for July...we're in July now, for pete's sake, and I haven't sent it out yet. So much for getting ahead of the game.

So, maybe while I'm out and about this weekend, avoiding the really huge projects I'm pretending aren't in my briefcase, I'll mail my second skein to my pal. I think I shall, just so I can feel all virtuous and all. What a notion!

I'll really feel virtuous if I get my you-know-what in gear and finish my critiques this weekend. That's my goal, at least. Maybe I should tell myself I can't knit (gasp!) until I do at least one critique...maybe that will work. Just maybe.

Just a random note...I was reading Jason's blog, and he was talking about wanting to knit a teddy bear for this program (in California, I think) that takes children to see their incarcerated mothers on Mother's Day, and likewise for fathers on Father's Day. Each child receives a stuffed animal and a note when they go back home so they have something to remind them of their parents. I want to know if such a program exists near me, but I'm not sure how to find out. What a nice idea, no?

We have all kinds of cool prison/community outreach stuff in our area, mostly involving inmates caring for to-be-adopted dogs from the local shelters, so I wonder if we have this kids-visiting-their-parents-thing, too. I hope so!


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