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Gold Hat
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Well, the car ride north to my parents' 40th anniversary party gave me a lot of good knitting time (well, when I wasn't wrangling the beast child)...I almost finished the whole hat on the way up (12 hours in a car will do that)...until I hit the directions for the edging. My brain just couldn't cope, and then for some reason, the edging just beat me. I was even thinking of finding a different edging pattern somewhere because I just couldn't make it work.

I even had Nerdy Mommy (knitter extraordinaire) try it, and she finally got it and demonstrated for this Nerdy Knitter. Phew! Once I'd seen it done, I was much better off.

So here's the cutie-pie hat in all its glory, ready to be donated somewhere...not sure where yet. It's the right size for a toddler, so I'll have to find a place that is in need of toddler things.

Are you so suitably impressed by my one finished object that you won't mention the fact that I haven't mentioned the belated wedding gift project?

I brought everything I needed to get started on that project...the yarn, the book with the pattern, the other (completed) part...everything, that is, except my needles! And I don't even know what size I used, so it's going to be a bit of a guess when I get back home. Sigh.

As luck would have it, our car has been in the shop since Saturday (today is Wednesday, in case you're not near your calendar), so we've been up north way longer than we'd planned. Both Nerdy Knitter & Nerdy Hubby really need to get back to Nerdland tonight, so no matter what time the car is fixed, we're going to be on the road today...meaning a late, late, late night of driving, and no light for knitting.

The good part of this is that the Beast will most likely sleep more when it's dark and less exciting to look out the windows. We've taken him for a big, exhausting swim in the lake, and I will take him for a big, hot walk before we get ready to go. This should do the trick. Never again will we travel without taking the Beast for a long, long walk...exhaustion is the key to good travel behavior! That is our motto forever more.

Next post, photos of the parents' party--lovely, lovely.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Knitting Librarian said...

Love the hat! Where did you get the pattern? I'm looking for stash reduction ideas and this may help.

Hope you had fun up north! Good luck on your trip home.

:-) Knitting Librarian


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