I'd like to think I can be a good blogger, really

But my track record isn't very impressive, is it? Once a week would be nice, but I can't even seem to manage that. Sheesh.

You see, I've been so busy knitting that I haven't had a chance to take photos of my finished stuff...yeah, that's it.

And I feel like I should have photos when I post. Except for this time...

I went through a mild obsession with Ann & Kay's book, and have been knitting warshrags and facecloths (the name changes when you're gifting to a guy versus a gal). I have the most adorable stack of tied-up-in-ribbon warshcloths--they've all got beautiful sandalwood or rose soaps inside. I used some organic cotton from Blue Sky Alpaca, and then some regular old variegated cottons. My favorite by far is the ball-band cotton warshrag I made for my step-father-in-law to use in the kitchen. I went to the healthfood store and bought some natural, geranium-scented kitchen counter cleaner and tied the warshrag around the neck like a cape. It cracks me up everytime I look at it!

And then, after the obsession with warshrags ended, I started in on a felted bag pattern designed by my one-time secret pal, Maia.

And then, since I had so much leftover yarn (I used 4 colors from Cascade), I conveniently remembered the pattern I bought at Stitches East for felted Christmas ornaments! I made 2 round-topped hats and one mitten so far. The alarming part of making these cutie-pie things was their pre-felted sizes...the mitten fit very nicely on my hand, without much room to spare, but still--it fit. This is supposed to be an ornament to swing gracefully, not to mention cutely, from a tree, NOT a potholder.

I try to make enough to-be-felted things to fill the washing machine enough to reduce my guilt at doing multiple loads of washing, so I waited until I finished the 2nd hat, then threw everything in the washer with a pair of my too-big, but very heavy (flannel-lined, even) pants, and Nerdy Hubby's tennis ball...after one round, the bag was teeny, and the not-quite-ornaments were about half their original sizes. I threw everything back in for a second cycle, but couldn't stick around to see what happened. This thing we call work has got to stop, I tell you! It gets in the way of very important stuff, like felting. Sheesh.

So for Christmas, I've knit a Wonderful Wallaby, 1 baby bib (also from Ann & Kay's book), 8+ warshrags, 1 roll-brim hat (three times, technically, since it was waaaay too big the first time, and a "tad" too big the second time...I made it up as I went along, you see...not always the best way to make a quick hat), another roll-brim hat (done right the first time--I had a pattern and used the yarn it called for), a felted bag, 1 pair of Koigu mittens (also knit multiple times since they were a bit too big a few times around), and 3 felted ornaments. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself, considering I don't traditionally knit for Christmas.

I'm not quite sure what I want to work on next...I still have some green yarn left from the felted bag, so I could potentially make more "ornaments" (I will wait to call them real ornaments, without quotation marks, until I see whether they're a size appropriate for a traditional, 5-6' tree), or just jump right back to my shawl that I started before the holiday gift-making craziness began...

I might, must possibly, have ordered some yarn from Elann for a present for my Knitters Review exchange pal, blogless LaceyLaine. I just went online and ordered a fun little set of somethings to add to her package, as a matter of fact. Hee hee hee.

So when my delivery from Elann arrives, I'll have to stop whatever I'm working on to get her present done by the 1/15 deadline (gulp!). I'll be with family for about a week around Christmas, so, assuming the shipment arrives Thursday, that gives me a week before we go, a litle bit of time while we're visiting family, and then about a week when we get back to finish the little project. I think that should be fine. I'm excited to work on the pattern, actually; I bought it ages ago and haven't gotten to making it yet. Yahoo!

I think I'm going to work on a 100 Things About Me list this week and try to post that sometime soon. AND I want to get photos taken of my fun gifty things. Soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, a cute little story about my poochie-pooh:

He was sound asleep (on the couch, natch) the other night, and the veeerrry tip of his little pink tongue was sticking out of his mouth. He was in REM sleep, with twitches and funny noises, but his tongue never moved--it was sticking out the whole time. He's SOOOOO cute, my dog! I took a photo of that, too, but haven't uploaded it yet.

We have a new "remedy" (we'll see about that) for his travel anxiety, straight from the natural foods store...it's HP (holistic pet, not Hewlett Packard) Travel Anxiety drops. It has the same ingredient as another natural motion sickness liquid, plus some valerian for anxiety, so we'll see how it goes. I tested it the other day, and he certainly seemed to slow down a bit (although at his speed, slowing down just means he's running instead of bolting around the place). Wish us luck with that!

Now it's time to end my rant and get back to my real job...it's exam week at our college, so there are a lot of stressed students typing madly at the computers in the library. Poor things!


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