Henry is such a cutie-pie!

So this isn't knitting-related at all, but since I'm on the Purling Pups knit ring, I figure I'm allowed to skip knitting once in a while to provide gratuitous shots of the pooch. And this one is just so cute--he looks like he's about to jump right out of the photo. The humans in the photo are my brother-in-law (Nerdy Hubby's bro) and his wife, my sister-in-law-in-law. They drove up from Florida (14 hours in the car, anyone? In one day...not my cup of tea) for Thanksgiving, and stayed with us for 3 days. The best part of that is that my sister-in-law-in-law is also my former post-college roommate, so we're pals, which means we get girl time that also counts as family time. It doesn't get much better than that. And Henry loves the extra attention. Can't you tell?

Henry with his aunt and uncle

And actually, I can come up with knitting content for this one...Cathy (my sister-in-law-in-law) is now a knitter, and we worked on solving a minor issue she was having with the cutie-pie baby blanket she's making for her friend's baby. It's the baby blanket from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation which originally called for Koigu, but we found an online recommendation for substituting Plymouth Encore, and Cathy found a khaki/peach/blue variegated that looks really pretty. So we worked on her blanket issue and I worked on my millionth washcloth. I hope no one in my family is reading this, because a bunch of them will be receiving a face cloth/dish cloth from this Nerdy Knitter this Christmas. I made so many that Nerdy Hubby finally said, "I think you're done with those." Hmph!

What am I working on now? Mittens for a friend's Christmas present. I've started them at least 3 times because they were too big. I'm getting gauge, actually, which is a minor miracle, it's actually that I chose the wrong size from the chart (I'm using the
Ann Budd book). I even measured my hand for comparison, but for some reason, the number on the page doesn't translate to the number on my tape measure...or maybe my tape measure is taunting me...you never know. Tape measures are wily critters. Anyway, I'm making mittens from Koigu and they're shaping up pretty nicely, although still a teensy bit big. I'm hoping the recipient's hands are just a tetch bigger than mine are....I can hope, can't I?

And then I'm done with any type of Christmas knitting, darnit. I have a shawl/stole burning a hole in my knitting bag, and I want to spend more time getting to know my wheel (Nerdy Hubby named her "Joanne," not sure why).

Oh, and, since my birthday was yesterday (happy birthday to me!), my friend, E, gave me a
pink kit of Denise Needles! I have a few different cobbled-together sets in the original color, but now I have a brand-new never-been-knit-with set. Yahoo! And it's pink, which is a nice, happy color.

So my Big Birthday (36--eek) was a rousing success--Nerdy Hubby gave me a stereotypical girly day: he made breakfast for me, he gave me flowers (gerber daisies--my favorite) and perfume (Chanel Chance--yum!). I had lunch with Nerdy Hubby at a local pizza joint we like; I shopped for Christmas gifts at our local outdoor mall; I had dinner with Nerdy Hubby and our friends, E and J. AND I got a refresher spinning lesson to boot. Oh, not to mention the birthday cards and phone calls from friends and family. The only thing missing: cake. No cake for the Nerdy Birthday Girl. But in the grand scheme of things, I'd say I had a pretty darn good day. Nerdy Mommy gave me a fun present which she says is for when we're in the car and it's too dark to knit and I can't turn on the overhead light. What a good idea! I'll have to make sure I have a project for size 13 needles at the ready for just the situation! Nerdy Daddy gave me a lovely pair of silver earrings which I've already worn and which have already received compliments. My friend, John, sent me funny images he found online of the words "Happy Birthday Judy" or "Happy Birthday Judith." Very funny!

The only bad thing about my birthday and Thanksgiving falling so close together is that I didn't get to put much time into my Drawing homework, so I'll be bringing a partially-drawn assignment to class today. Hopefully the instructor will understand and will let me put the finishing touches on for next week.

But for now I have to do some work. Sorry about the hit-or-miss posting these days. I'll try to get on a more regular schedule for 2007.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger allegra918 said...

Happy Birthday Judy!!! Hope it was a great day! topped off with PINK DENISES!!! How lucky!

At 8:26 AM, Blogger Bess said...

Henry is a cutie-pie and WOW! Congratulations - on birthday and new spinning wheel! Aren't you lucky to live so close to Stony Mt.? Now you can buy even More Fiber!

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Robin said...

I didn't see an email link for you -- so, if you are interested in attending a knitting retreat in VA in January, please email me.

At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Maia said...

Happy birthday, very belated!!! (The exclamation points are not for the belated part, they are for the happy and the birthday).


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