I'm baack!

Some of you (whoever might actual be reading this...John? Darci? Michelle? Nic?) might have leapt to the conclusion that my blogging days are over, it having been more than a few weeks since my last post. Never fear--I'm back!

I won't say "with a vengeance" because that would imply I've got an attitude, which we all know would be such a big fat lie.

What have I been doing with all of my "free" time, you ask?

Let's see...I started by almost-2-week "break" with an evil, evil cold that stuck with me for the duration of my break minus a day or two. What a lucky girl, eh? Yup, I was even (gasp!) too sick to knit for a lot of that time. Sigh.

I was so annoyed that not only was I away from work for 2 extra days, which would normally translate to 2 extra days of knitting, but I was so tired/sick/out of it that I couldn't summon the energy to do anything at all. What a waste of good at-home days!

Luckily, Nerdy Hubby gave me my 2nd Christmas present before Christmas arrived, and I was able to spend all of my sicky days watching the first half of the first season of my beloved 'Perry Mason.' Yahoo! Those were the days--a whole season was more than twice the length of a current tv series because my first half of the season has 19 episodes. That's more than a lot of full seasons include these days! Boy, do I love Perry--he always wins, he's always principled, and he always waits till the last minute to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Such a good (yet corny, I admit it) show!

We spent a good amount of time in New York State with Nerdy Families, left and right. The Beast Child made the trip without too much drama, although we wish we'd learned about the high value of distraction treats (aka made-for-human-consumption pepperoni) a little earlier on in our car-riding lives. That pepperoni must be like crack for humans, because it keeps nervous nellie dogs distracted through almost anything!

We made it back to VA without losing our minds, which wasn't for sure until we were almost all the way home. Then we had 2 nice, relaxing days at our house before we loaded everyone back into the Nerdy Nissan and headed to Williamsburg, VA (luckily, only 2.25 hours--a big improvement over 10.5!) to see another set of Nerdy relatives. Much fun was had by all...excpept for poor little Henny-Penny...too much excitement all around him, especially new year's even when the fireworks started. The poor guy didn't get much sleep.

Riding in Car with pooches lesson #2: fatigued dogs are calmer dogs, at least in our case, which is really all we care about when we're the ones making the carrides.

Was I knitting during this mini-break? Of course! I had a pair of light-up needles to test while we drove north, so I purposely bought yarn to go with them (Lion Brand Cashmere blend), and made a seed-stitch scarf on the ride to/from NYS. The needles really do work in a dark car--what fun! Nerdy Hubby said it's like riding with a UFO in the car, and I made sure to point out that, in knitting terms, he is riding with a UFO (UnFinished Object)! Hee hee.

I also worked a bit on my complicated lace shawl (using the drop-dead gorgeous yarn I bought at Stitches East), but then thought I'd made a complicated mistake, and started to rip out, only to discover that I think the mistake was a figment of my imagination! Now I'm not sure I can repair my ripping out (ripping out lace is so complicated, what with all of the yarnovers, the knit-two-togethers, etc.)! I may end up redoing the majority of the blasted thing. For now, it's sulking in the living room as I take on some smaller, simpler projects.

Just last night I finished the cashmere (yes, 100% cashmere) scarf kit I bought at Stitches East. It's a purple scarf knit just for me. Did I mention it's cashmere? I've never knit with cashmere before--yum!

I also made a cowl/hat from a free online pattern (link eludes me right now) that I found myself wearing every day for over a week. I love it! I used a skein of gorgeous yarn I bought at the brand-new LYS near my parents' house. It's called "Crazy as a Loom." Cute, no? I also bought some fiber for spinning--oh, it's beautiful!

I'll have to wait for another day when I have more time to deal with posting photos to show off the things I've made and/or received. I'm a lucky knitter!

But before I go, I need to make public my "contract" with Nerdy Hubby. Said contract was created to get me back into my exercise regiment (exercise=walking at least 30 minutes 5 days/week). So, when Nerdy Knitter walks 5 days/week for 3 weeks, she gets to order an iPod, which should arrive at the end of the 4th week. From that point on, she gets to keep the iPod unless she fails to walk 5 days in a week. Such failure will result in the loss of the iPod for a week, during which time Nerdy Knitter will be walking to regain usage of said iPod. Nerdy Hubby's part of the bargain? He has promised to walk with me one day/week because there's usually the One Day when I'll stay home unless I know I have someone to accompany me.

I've already successfully completed 2 1/2 weeks, so by the end of this week, I'll be shoppin' for an iPod of my very own. Yeeha!

Do I need an iPod? The answer is a resounding NO. Do I crave an iPod like nobody's business? Yes, actually, I do. So there.

I've been trying to get ahead of myself by loading my already-in-my-CD-collection music onto my computer so I'll have stuff to play right away. What fun!

If you need me, I'll be surfing iTunes. Hee hee hee.


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